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121 cars dancing in UAE desert make world record

121 cars dancing in UAE desert make world record

DUBAI (UAE) – Amazing scenes of 121 cars dancing in the UAE desert were shot from HD cameras on a satellite orbiting hundreds of kilometers above the Earth. Yes, adverts for soft drinks have come a long way Pepsi was marketed as ‘delicious and healthful’. Basically it’s a huge advert for Pepsi, but it’s pretty impressive with masses of feel-good factor.

The short film, which fuses scenes shot from space from 11 countries around the world, includes footage of 121 cars dancing in the UAE’s desert before forming a peace sign, which measures over 80 meters in diameter. The activation, which broke the Guinness World Record for the largest synchronized car dance in the world, was overseen by the renowned UK-based graffiti artist, INSA.

Hossam Dabbous, Vice President, Beverages Category, PepsiCo, Middle East and Africa said, “The Pepsi Challenge is designed to inspire and unite people across the world, and we are delighted to include footage of our UAE dancing cars scene in Black Knight Decoded, the culmination of our campaign. Working with visionary creators and cutting-edge technology, we not only set a new Guinness World Record but also created an iconic global customer experience featuring one of our most exciting markets.”

Images were captured on UrtheCast, the HD camera system onboard galactic research lab, the International Space Station. Dubbed humanity’s home in orbit, the space station was launched in 1998 and is in a trajectory 400 km above the earth.

Car dancing set to an original track, ‘Miracles’, from Usher, the action-packed adventure film has a star-studded cast and a host of creative talent including Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo, SAG Award winner Freida Pinto, Emmy Award winning director Jabbar Raisani, bestselling author James Frey.

Black Knight Decoded tells a powerful story about a father (Oyelowo), his daughter (Layla Crawford) and co-conspirator (Pinto) on their quest to decode radio signals transmitted from the Black Knight satellite where they rely on support from communities around the world to come together to communicate universal messages of hope, unity and peace.

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