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AJK plans to build Tourism corridor under CPEC

AJK plans to build Tourism corridor under CPEC

‘Tourism Corridor’ will cost Rs22 billion and will be around 190 kilometers long-route

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) government are planning to build a tourism corridor in the valley to facilitate tourists.

According to the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, they have planned to build a tourism corridor in the valley to make it easier for travelers to come to visit scenic spots in the region.

The President Azad Kashmir Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan revealed about tourism corridor in a discussion during a function for delegation of investors came through CPEC projects from Karachi to Muzaffarabad.

The tourism corridor will be around 190 kilometers long route and this is going to be another AJK project falls “under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor”, President of AJK, Masood Khan added.

He said the proposed project is the part of a great initiative to lay down 1450 kilometers of new roads in the Kashmir region. The estimated cost of this infrastructure project is around Rs22 billion,” he told the delegation.

President Azad Kashmir says we are exploiting all available infrastructure and natural resources for leading the country towards prosperity and state self-sufficiency.

The building of tourism corridor in the valley will one of the great Kashmir government initiative to attract maximum number of tourist, tourism corridor will also facilitate local and foreigner travelers coming to visit scenic spots.

He said Kashmir liberation movement cannot be linked with terrorism as Kashmiris are struggling to achieve their internationally recognized right to self-determination.

The AJK President said India is trying to suppress the indigenous Kashmir liberation movement but time is not far when Kashmiris would see the dawn of freedom.

CPEC is becoming a hot hub for all sorts of investments – private and governmental – from a lot of different countries. Just yesterday there was news about private businesses of the United Kingdom and its government being interested in investing in CPEC and the surrounding region, especially Pakistan. This is particularly because of Pakistan’s recent economic growth.

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