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Alibaba’s Jack Ma to star in short ‘kung fu film’

Alibaba’s Jack Ma to star in short ‘kung fu film’

Jack Ma is famous for martial arts stunts and singing on stage

The legendary Chinese billionaire entrepreneur and e-commerce tycoon Jack Ma has confirmed that he is starring in a movie alongside martial arts masters Jet Li and Donnie Yen.

Founder and CEO of world’s renowned Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, is ready to make his debut next month in a kung fu in the short film “Gongshoudao,” which means “The Art of Attack and Defence.”

Jack Ma will take the role alongside Natasha Liu Bordizzo, the star of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” retired sumo Grand Champion Asashoryu Akinori and actor and stuntman, Tony Jaa.

The movie Gong Shou Dao, or The Art of Attack and Defence, will be released on November 11, the date of an online shopping extravaganza known as Singles Day in China.

The executive chairman of the Alibaba Group has confirmed he is to make his debut next month. He has long expressed interest in traditional Chinese culture, especially kung fu, and has practiced tai chi for many years.

Alibaba's Jack Ma to star in short ‘kung fu film’

The Alibaba boss appearance aims to promote tai chi, a traditional Chinese martial art, Alibaba said on Saturday.

On his personal blog, executive producer of the movie Jet Li writes, presumptuously, that “we all know that Jack is a Taiji Master himself” and that “it will definitely be an exciting short film to watch.”

Jet Li told, one of China’s leading Internet-based media groups, that “We all have the same dream to use the movie to promote traditional Chinese culture and pay a tribute to the predecessors in the field of Chinese kung fu.”

In September, Ma dressed up as pop star Michael Jackson and performed at Alibaba’s 18th birthday party.

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