Students dedicate artwork to victims of Peshawar School terror
Art by Salman Qaisar

Students dedicate artwork to victims of Peshawar School terror

Karachi — In a campaign designed to evoke painful memories of the Peshawar school tragedy, art students  of Indus Valley School (IVS) of Arts and Architecture have dedicated 22 inspiring piece of artworks to the children of Peshawar.

Students visually communicated the horrors of the Army Public School tragedy that shook the country on December 16 last year and killed 141 people mostly school children.

As people appeared to move on with their lives three months after the brutal massacre of schoolchildren, these graphic design students felt compelled to issue a reminder.

“Karachi is such a violent city,” says graphic designer Umaima Mughal. “We have permanently become indifferent to the violence around us.”

Mughal along with over 20 students in her year at IVS do not want Pakistan to forget those that have shed blood.

“We have become numb. We wanted to move people; to feel something when they look at the posters. We don’t want them to remain indifferent,” Mughal adds.

It was after she met the victims’ families at the Aga Khan University Hospital that she realised how long-lasting the psychological trauma of the episode was.

“We want people to feel the pain” students urge.

The students of Indus Valley School (IVS) of Arts and Architecture have had enough. They will not let you forget.

“Some stains don’t wash out,” reads one poster, showing a green APS cardigan bloodied at the chest.

“Ask. Question. Think,” reads another, bearing a wrestling ring held up by children, in which a soldier and militant are engaged in a fight.

Below is a compilation of the artwork dedicated to the children of Peshawar:

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