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Driverless buses will soon hit the road in Switzerland

Drvierless Bus

Driverless post buses will soon be operating in the canton of Valais after a collaboration between PostBus and a Swiss startup founded by recent graduates from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne. The Swiss city of Sion will begin a two-year trial of two autonomous buses beginning in spring 2016. The electric-powered vehicles will be able to carry nine ... Read More »

Facebook launches its much-anticipated news alerts app Notify

FB Notify

Facebook is already dominating peoples’ phone time, and now it wants a crack at your lock screen, too. Facebook has rolled out a new app for iPhone owners called Notify that gathers news and entertainment stories into one regularly updated feed. CNN, Fox News and the Washington Post are among the 70 organisations providing stories to the app. Details about Notify have ... Read More »

Self-driving delivery robot soon coming to sidewalks


A new delivery robot could help reduce the price paid for deliveries – and possibly make them free in the future. The robot, developed by one of the original founders of Skype, drives autonomously to the shopper’s doorway and then texts an alert message to announce its arrival. The low speed robot is designed to drive for a few miles ... Read More »

Uber all set to launch in Pakistan

Uber all set to launch in Pakistan

Uber – world’s popular taxi-hailing smartphone app – is all set to bring its services for Pakistanis. As Uber’s job listings page suggests that the company is looking to fill some vacancies for a General Manager, Marketing Manager, and Operations and Logistics Manager in Lahore, country’s second-largest city. “We can confirm we are currently recruiting for a team in Lahore, ... Read More »

Google launches ‘Person Finder’ after South Asia earthquake

Google launches 'Person Finder' after South Asia earthquake

Google has launched its Person Finder service after a 7.5-magnitute earthquake ripped through Hindukush region, striking Pakistan, Afghanistan while also rattling people India and Tajikistan. The powerful earthquake has reportedly killed more than 200 in Pakistan and Afghanistan and injuring hundreds of others in the region. Launched for the first time in 2010, the tech company’s service is made live after ... Read More »

Boeing says it has created ‘lightest metal ever’

Boeing says it's created the lightest metal ever

Boeing says it’s created the lightest metal ever, a microlattice material which it describes as 99.99% air. A new video released by Boeing this week claims that the company has invented a metal that’s “99.99 percent air” for future use in airplanes, cars and other objects. The metal is a microlattice, made up of a series of tubes in a ... Read More »

Now you can also upload profile videos on Facebook!


LONDON – Facebook has announced a profile video feature as part of a set of new, mobile-friendly updates. It means you’ll be able to film a short, looping video – essentially a GIF – that will play for anyone who goes on your profile. The feature is only being tested in the UK at the moment, so it could be ... Read More »

Twitter may expand its 140-character Tweet limit


SAN FRANCISCO– Twitter is reportedly finally expanding the 140 character-per-tweet limit, which could fundamentally change how Twitter works, reported Forbes. Re/Code has it on good authority that Twitter is set to roll out a “new product” to allow for longer tweets. That phrasing is interesting, as it indicates that Twitter won’t be completely ditching the current limit, but is also taking ... Read More »

NASA : Liquid water exists on Mars


WASHINGTON – Liquid water has been observed on the planet Mars, the US space agency NASA. “Mars is not the dry, arid planet we thought of in the past,” Jim Green, NASA´s planetary science director, told a press conference. “Under certain circumstances, liquid water has been found on Mars.” Scientists have long believed that water once flowed freely across the ... Read More »

First Ever Internet SIM, Zong brings big news for Pakistanis


ISLAMABAD – Zong took another step in world of cyber by introducing first Internet SIM in Pakistan.  According to details, customers will enjoy the Zong’s 3G and 4G packages that are offered with devices only, such as with Zong’s 3G wingle or Zong’s MiFi device. Its important to mention here that these devices packages are not available for Zong’s usual SIMs., ... Read More »

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