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NASA : Liquid water exists on Mars


WASHINGTON – Liquid water has been observed on the planet Mars, the US space agency NASA. “Mars is not the dry, arid planet we thought of in the past,” Jim Green, NASA´s planetary science director, told a press conference. “Under certain circumstances, liquid water has been found on Mars.” Scientists have long believed that water once flowed freely across the ... Read More »

First Ever Internet SIM, Zong brings big news for Pakistanis


ISLAMABAD – Zong took another step in world of cyber by introducing first Internet SIM in Pakistan.  According to details, customers will enjoy the Zong’s 3G and 4G packages that are offered with devices only, such as with Zong’s 3G wingle or Zong’s MiFi device. Its important to mention here that these devices packages are not available for Zong’s usual SIMs., ... Read More »

Australian sceintists develop device that can un-boil the boiled egg


SYDNEY: Australian scientists have been awarded the Ig Nobel prize in chemistry for making a device that can un-boil the boiled egg. According to details, researchers team led by Colin Raston from Flinder University, Australia, has created a device named, Vortex Fluid Device (VFD) to change the structure of proteins by shaking them at high speed. Earlier this team had demonstrated ... Read More »

Samsung might make changes in some of its devices


WASHINGTON: Samsung may face ban on some of its models or have to make changes as Apple won the patent case in the US court. A U.S. appeals court said Apple should have been awarded an injunction barring Samsung from selling products that infringe its patents, handing Apple another victory in its ongoing smartphone fight with its biggest rival. The lawsuit ... Read More »

Sony’s new 4K smartphone has ultra sharp display


NEW YORK – The biggest smartphone news out of IFA was without a doubt the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium and its ultra-sharp 4K display. In a statement given to PhoneArena, Sony says the Z5 Premium’s 4K display will only take advantage of the full 3,840 x 2,160 pixels when displaying photos and videos. Otherwise, content (the OS, websites, apps, etc.) ... Read More »

Netsol Technology Revives Its Profitability From Losses


Netsol Technology, one of the few leading Pakistani companies with operation in foreign markets, has been successful to revive its profitability from huge losses as it posted a profit of Rs 4.72 million in the closing financial year of 2014-15. The company saw a massive decline in the losses which were recorded at Rs 475 million by the end of ... Read More »

World’s first mass-produced hydrogen-powered car Toyota Mirai introduced


LONDON – World’s first mass-produced hydrogen-powered car Toyota Mirai will be introduced in UK this autumn. It is coming to Britain this autumn, just in time for the opening next month of the UK’s first 24-hour, public hydrogen-refuelling station, just off the M1 near Sheffield. It has taken two decades of research and development to get this state-of-the-art four-door car on to ... Read More »

PTIB developing Restaurant Grading App to ensure wholesome food


ISLAMABAD – A Restaurant Grading App is being developed to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption across Punjab province. Punjab Information Technology Board (PIT) is developing the App for Punjab Food Authority (PFA) to help the organisation in inspecting the food quality, process of complaint and other food checking practices. A training of food safety officers is ... Read More »

Google unveils new logo at turning point in company’s history


CALIFORNIA– First they changed their name, now they’ve changed their logo. Google introduced a new sans-serif and slightly toned-down four-colour logo on Tuesday in the biggest redesign since 1999. Google said the new design would soon be seen across all its products. Google’s homepage introduced the redesign with an animation that wiped away the old logo and drew the new one. “Google ... Read More »

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