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Driver-less cars may take to street in Japan

Audi self-driving car 2012-2013

Following in the tracks of Google and Uber, Kanazawa University has thrown its hat into the ring in furthering the development of driverless car culture and technology, with a 5-year roadtesting project set to start next month. But this project’s target population isn’t tech-savvy youth. It’s senior citizens. Kanazawa University has partnered with the Suzu city government in Ishikawa Prefecture, ... Read More »

7 Chinese companies to fly drone deliveries

Delivery drones

A booming e-commerce sector sounds like something to cheer for. Shoppers are able to purchase anything while remaining indoors or on-the-go; online sellers, on the other hand, are able to rake in gobs and gobs of cash in a matter of minutes on a good day; and delivery people are able to ride the wave as long as they work ... Read More »

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