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Pakistani volunteer wins hearts of people in Ebola hit Sierra Leone

UNITED NATIONS: A Pakistani social worker volunteering for the United Nations campaign to stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus has become something of a folk hero for his devoted services to the people of a disease afflicted village of Sierra Leone a west African country according to reports received at UN Headquarters in New York. Khalid Javed Choudhry ... Read More »

Chinese Navy rescues 225 Foreigners from conflict-ridden Yemen

A Chinese naval frigate has evacuated 225 foreign citizens from war-torn Yemen, its foreign ministry said, marking the first time that China’s military has helped other countries evacuate their people during an international crisis. Ten different nationalities were among the evacuees who were picked up from Aden, Yemen’s second city, and transported to Djibouti, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said ... Read More »

Iran and world powers agree on framework for Tehran’s Nuclear deal

LAUSANNE, (Switzerland) — Iran and international powers have reached “solutions on key parameters” of Tehran’s nuclear program following eight-day talks in Switzerland, according to a joint statement issued by the negotiators on Thursday. During the media conference EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said the deal achieved as a result of the talks creates the basis of a future comprehensive nuclear agreement ... Read More »

John Kerry Flies to Saudi Arabia to Discuss Iran Nuclear Talks, Yemen instability

RIYADH (Saudi Arabia) – After wrapping up the latest round of Iran nuclear negotiations in Switzerland, US  Secretary of State John Kerry flew to Saudi Arabia to take on the challenge of explaining a potential deal over Iran’s nuclear program to the American-allied conservative monarchies of the gulf. Mr. Kerry’s visit include meetings with new Saudi King Salman as well as the ... Read More »

Turkey signals readiness to fight ISIL after relocating tomb

After abandoning the territory formerly containing the tomb of Süleyman Şah — the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire — in northern Syria and unilaterally selecting a relatively safer location for a new tomb inside the warn-torn country last weekend, Turkey appears to be ready to take a firmer stand against the terrorist group the Islamic State in ... Read More »

Colombo rethinks Chinese project issue, FM Mangala

BEIJING: Sri Lanka will not make any decision on Chinese projects it is reviewing until it consults China, Sri Lanka’s foreign minister said on Friday, pledging that his new government would welcome Chinese investors. Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena has unnerved China with his re-examination of certain projects that China has invested in, including a $1.5 billion “port city” project ... Read More »

Egypt prosecutors refer 271 Muslim Brotherhood members to military court

Egypt’s prosecutors have referred at least 271 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to a military court over alleged charges of attacking government buildings in central Egypt two years ago. Prosecutors told Egyptian media outlets on Friday that the defendants were charged with torching and ransacking a court building, as well as a prosecution office in the city of Malawi in ... Read More »

Ukraine preparing for possible war with Russia

By Begum Tunakan — After the fall of the strategic town of Debaltseve in eastern Ukraine, a Ukrainian deputy foreign minister claimed while speaking to a Canadian radio station that the Ukrainian government is preparing for a full-scale war with Russia. In response to Russia’s heavy military presence in Ukraine, Ukraine has asked the United States and Canada to provide ... Read More »

PM Davutoglu pledges to get domestic security package approved

ANKARA — The Turkish parliament will approve the new domestic security bill under any circumstances, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said on February 23, “The new security bill will be approved by the Turkish Parliament to protect freedom and provide security,” Davutoğlu said at the ruling Justice and Development or the AK Party’s provincial delegation meeting. The security bill was devised ... Read More »

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