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China launches world’s first trackless train

China launches world’s first trackless train

China unveils train that runs on a virtual track using sensor technology instead of metal rails

A Chinese railcar-manufacturer has unveiled the world’s first Autonomous Rail Transit System (ART). The track-less train runs on virtual rails in a bid to speed up public transportation in major cities.

The Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit was improved and designed by the research arm of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Company.

The world’s first ART line in Zhuzhou, will have a total length of 6.5 kilometres. Upon completion, it will be able to dock with the city’s mid-low speed maglev train.

ART system consist 30 meters long train which is fitted with sensors that detect the dimensions of the road. Transit is expected to speed up public transportation in Zhuzhou, Hunan province of China.

According to the manufacturer CRRC, the ART rubber wheels on a plastic core instead of steel wheels and is equipped with the company’s copyrighted technology to automatically guide the vehicle. The new technology has the advantages of being both a rail and bus transit systems and is agile and environmentally friendly.

The new ART system is also much cheaper than ordinary subway systems, which cost about 400-700 million RMB per kilometre and comes in at a fifth of electric cars which cost 150-200 million RMB per kilometer.

According to Feng Jianghua, the Chief Engineer, the train can identify the pavement and has many sensors to relay travel information to the train. This enables the train to travel on virtual tracks.

The new Driver-less rail technology has advantage of being a rail and bus transit system at the same time. This rail is environmental friendly.

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