Elon Musk offers rebuilding Puerto Rico using Solar Power

Elon Musk offers rebuilding Puerto Rico using Solar Power

Chief executive Tesla offers restoring Puerto Rico power grid with renewable energy

Chief executive Tesla Inc. and entrepreneur Renewable energy Elon Musk has offered to help in rebuilding the Puerto Rico disasters using Solar Power.

Tesla Chief says says that he could rebuild Puerto Rico’s shattered electrical infrastructure using Renewable energy with his advance solar technology.

Elon Musk said that his company is capable of rebuilding Puerto Rico’s power grid, much of which was destroyed by Hurricane Maria  to run on solar power and batteries.

In Puerto Ricans, millions peoples are currently living in the dark after Hurricane Maria’s 140mph winds and torrential rain annihilated 80 per cent of the island’s electricity.

The vast majority of the island territory remains without power, weeks after it was hit by Hurricane Maria. Communication has been difficult hindering attempts to get aid to those who need it.

The island Puerto Ricans’s governor Ricardo Rossello seemed fascinated towards the Musk’s statement and appreciated the Musk offer.

Musk’s company Tesla is best known for its electric cars, but it also incorporates Solar City – a solar panel firm which specializes in efficiently storing large amounts of electricity in power banks.

According to company official it has powered small islands so there they installed a solar grid which can power the entire island and store enough electricity for three days without any sun.

Rebuilding the power grid will be a difficult task, no matter how they decide to do it. But Musk’s said Tesla team has built solar grids for many smaller islands around the world.

The company is in the process of installing the world’s largest lithium-ion battery to help support a power grid in southern Australia, and the Hawaiian island of Kauai gets 44 percent of its energy from.

the Hawaiian island of Kauai gets 44 percent of its energy from Tesla’s large-scale Power pack batteries connected to a massive solar farm.

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