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Euro 2016: Violent fans clash with French police ahead of England-Russia match

Euro 2016: Violent fans clash with French police ahead of England-Russia match

England, France and Russia fans were involved in fresh violence in Marseilles that moved into a third day on Saturday.

MARSEILLE, (France) — English and Russian soccer fans clashed with each other and French riot police in Marseille on Saturday ahead of their teams’ opening Euro 2016 match.

TV footage showed scenes of violence, including fans throwing chairs yanked from restaurant terraces and scuffling on a staircase, where one man was seen kicking another one down the stairs.

Marseille’s emergency services said at least one English fan is in critical condition after violence in Marseille.

There were conflicting reports on what caused the crackdown, with witnesses claiming they had seen English, French and Russian men involved in street brawls.mar

Saturday was the third day in a row that fans clashed in the southern French city ahead of the encounter between England and Russia.

“Police intervened in a clash between English, Russian and French supporters in the Vieux-Port district,” said local police chief Laurent Nunez as reports said security forces fired tear gas at fans fighting in the area.

Police used tear gas as footage also showed bottles being thrown and bloodied fans being given medical treatment. Water canon trucks moved in and dozens of police armed with batons cordoned off streets, firing tear gas to break up the skirmishes.

Tens of thousands of fans descended on Marseille ahead of the evening’s match. Broken glass and debris littered some roads and walkways near the Queen Victoria pub, focal point of clashes between English, Russian and French fans on Thursday and Friday.

Both the English FA and Russian football’s governing bodies could face sanctions as tournament rules state that teams must take ultimate responsibility for the conduct of their supporters

British Foreign Office said it is working with French authorities to help an England fan who was seriously injured in the clashes. “We are in contact with French authorities about a British national injured in Marseille and stand ready to provide further assistance,” a spokesperson said.

England supporters raged at the chaotic police operation. Officers repeatedly allowed fighting to spiral out of control before charging in and firing tear gas.

On Friday, there were nine arrests after violent clashes in Marseille last night.

Twitter timeline filled with Marseille riot photos and videos

Football fans, horrified by the events in Marseille, took to social media to express their anger and shock:

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