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First overseas Pakistanis policy on the cards

First overseas Pakistanis policy on the cards

Overseas Pakistanis play vital role by rendering huge contribution to the country’s economy in form of remittances

The federal government has finalized the draft of first-ever policy for overseas Pakistanis on their vital contribution to national progress and economy.

Ministry of Overseas and Human Resource Development would soon announce Overseas Policy with special focus on providing maximum facilities to the Overseas Pakistanis.

This was revealed by the Joint Secretary (Emigration), Ministry of Overseas and Human Resource Development, Manzoor Ahmad Kayani while talking to APP.

Overseas Pakistanis are playing a major role in national economy, by rendering huge contribution every year to the country’s economy in form of remittances.

A large number of Pakistanis are working in foreign countries where they face some creepy problems including non-payment of wages, delayed salaries, substandard living and working conditions.

These Pakistani workers, mostly the labourers, prefer going to Middle Eastern countries in search of jobs and better future prospect but the most shocking fact about them was non-payment of wages by the companies they work for.

According to the documents, other difficulties facing these overseas Pakistanis include non-issuance of release letters by the employers for a change of visa or sponsorship.

The Pakistani government, according to the official documents, has taken a number of steps to resolve the difficulties of overseas Pakistanis.

Earlier, the Ministry of Overseas Pakistan and Human Resource Development has established 19 offices of community welfare attaches in 16 missions functional in 14 countries in order to maintain close liaison with the Pakistani community and authorities of host countries.

In order to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis for sending their remittances, the State Bank of Pakistan and the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis also launched a joint initiative called Pakistan Remittance Initiative in 2009, according to the measures taken by the government to resolve difficulties.

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