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Imran Khan’s Party in big lead, Nawaz+Zardari in no position to form Govt. in Centre

Imran Khan’s Party in big lead, Nawaz+Zardari in no position to form Govt. in Centre

ISLAMABAD (PPA Special Report) — As Pakistanis await official results the unofficial reports say that Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (Justice Party) has secured more than 107 seats in the National Assembly while his arch-rival Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN) could manage no more than sixty seats and Asif Zardari’s Pakistan People’s Party emerged in the third position to by gaining about 40 seats.

The result was not surprising for Pakistanis who had been struggling for a change of time-tested politicians accused of massive corruption, nepotism and gross mismanagement in the country.

What has surprised many is the defeats of several big wickets, such as Islamic fundamentalist leader, JUIF party chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and moderate Islamic Jamat Islami’s Sirajul Haq. Similarly, several leading candidates who served the country for decades as ministers also lost their seats against PTI’s newcomers.

Unlike last elections when PMLN leader had announced his massive victory even before officials results, PTI’s Imran Khan was reluctant to issue any statement and asked his partymen not to issue any insulting remarks about losers in elections.

However, PTI Spokesman Fawad Chaudhry took to Twitter to celebrate what he saw as his party’s victory in the general elections hours after the polling closed across the country. “Naya Pakistan Mubarak to the nation. Prime Minister Imran Khan,” he twitted on late night on July 25.

Although the victory on 110-1120 seats falls short of 172 seat two-thirds majority to win ‘vote of confidence’ for the new Government nevertheless puts Imran Khan in a  comfortable posiiton to try to form the Government. There are reports that several members of PMLN may support Imran Khan and if so, he can easily win the vote of confidence as new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The losers, as usual in Pakistan, rejected the elections result and PMLN, PPP and Islamists all are threatening to launch a campaign against Imran Khan’s victory on allegations of ‘rigging’. Some local media and TV channels such Geo TV, usually considered as against Imran, are also backing the allegations of rigging. But local and international observers saw little reasons to authenticate the charges.

Although there have been several complaints against delayed results, unavailability of official papers, mismanagements in several dozens of polling station but not a single authenticated evidence could emerge as of July 26th afternoon to support charges of rigging.

The heavy and courageous participation of rural women particularly in KP province, known for its backwardness and remote areas of Balochistan has astonished not only foreign observers and diplomats but also Pakistan experts and surveyors.

The participation of Balochi women, at a time when a few hours ago terrorists managed to launch a big attack which killed more than 31 people and security men, was really surprising for all. People on social media congratulated the armed forces of Pakistan for holding a ‘peaceful elections’ against massive terror threats.

The ISIS in Afghanistan claimed the killings of at least three senior Pakistani politicians just few days before the elections. All those who were killed included Balochistan Awami Party leader, Siraj Raisani a well-known patriot, Awami National Party’s young leader, Haroon Balour and PTI’s Ikramullah Gandapur.

Tough days ahead for new Government

Whoever forms the next Government it Pakistan, it would not be an easy ride as law and order situation is not yet fully under control and economic is badly ruined by wrong policies of the previous government.

At the same time, if the losing parties join hands and start any agitation or a DHARNA (protest) against Imran Khan, as he had launched a strong protest against PMLN Government, the internal situation may face serious threats and challenges.

On the economic side, the situation is very bad. Pakistan is on the verge of a massive trade deficit and Pakistan currency has been devalued repeatedly. The current rate of one US dollar is about Pak Rs. 130 which used to be around 105 and 107 a few months earlier.

On the other youths which voted massively for Imran Khan would also expect a quick result in education and jobs which would not be an easy task for the new government. -PPA



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