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Lahore’s rickshaw drivers challenge Uber, Careem with new Awami Sawari app

Lahore’s rickshaw drivers challenge Uber, Careem with new Awami Sawari app

The rickshaw drivers have decided to incorporate modern technology in their work to compete in market

A representative body of the rickshaw drivers, Awami Rickshaw Union, has launched an online service to ensure that they do not lose their share in the local transportation sector.

These ride hailing services recently introduced in Pakista include Careem and Uber that have taken the market by storm in on time

However these Apps operated rides were also discomfort for many when they were providing luxury services to their customers.

Rickshaw drivers also approached courts against these online taxi services however no one fulfilled their demands.

So After many strikes against these services, Rickshaw drivers have finally adopted technology to strengthen their business and to give Careem and Uber a tough competition.

The rickshaw union chairman Majeed Ghauri claimed that with this latest move the local rickshaw drivers have challenged the rogue companies which were allegedly transferring money abroad without paying due taxes in the country.

He further said that online application will also provide a sigh of relief to commuters as it will ensure that they are charged according to meters.

He added that every rickshaw driver should take 60 rides in a single week to make sure a revenue of no less than Rs 4,000. Like another firm, the appliance will cost 20 per cent of the full revenue of a rickshaw driver.

In the fist phase Almost 85,000 rickshaws have been registered with local authorities and out of the total, some 60,000 rickshaws are operating in the city.

This onlnie application will also provide comfort to customers who can order ride while sitting at home. With the launch of Awami Sawari Client service people will be satisfied while paying fares as they will transparently charge people according to meters.

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