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Lebanon sets new record for world’s longest Ramadan Iftar table

Lebanon sets new record for world’s longest Ramadan Iftar table

The record-breaking iftar table brought together 5,400 people from all over Lebanon

Lebanon’s passion for food has always impressed the world, but this time it took that lovely initiative that reflects the true spirit of Ramadan.

Lebanon bagged a new entry in the Guinness book of world records by organizing the longest Ramadan iftar table in the world at 2,184 meters.

During this Ramadan, Ajialouna – a non-profit organization arranged the largest Iftar table ever made, measuring over 2100 meters reached out to over 5000 needy and poor individuals from all over the country at Beirut’s Waterfront on June 9.

Ajialouna, is a charitable, social, educational and cultural organization operating in Beirut Lebanon. Ajialouna, constantly commits to various charity work during Ramadan, including, services of free clothes and food supplies to hundreds of families on a daily basis.

Ajialouna entered their record in the Guinness World book by arranging over 2100 meters longest iftar table beating the former record held by Ghana at 1,928 meters.

Lina Zaim al-Dada, Ajialouna’s chairperson, said the iftar was not held with the aim of breaking a world record, but rather to depict the real image of Islam

“During the holy month, we provide iftar meals for 500 people every day, which is a tradition we have adopted for many years. We are definitely planning other projects that fulfill the same charity goal,” Zaim al-Dada added.

The iftar was hosted by 600 volunteers, iftar was consist of 10,000 roasted chickens, 5,600 meat pastries, 15,000 dates alongside salads, rice dishes and maamoul.

The event was attended by people from orphanages, charity foundations and poor families, who were driven for free in buses to the location. Some 1,000 people arrived from Tripoli and the North, 1,000 from Aley and the surrounding region, 1,000 from Sidon and 2,000 from Beirut.

The record-breaking iftar was organized under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

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