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Maritime cooperation urged at 37-nation naval exercises in Pakistan

Maritime cooperation urged at 37-nation naval exercises in Pakistan

Naval Chief says, Pakistan Navy’s role crucial in maintaining peace in Indian Ocean region

The Naval chief Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah on Sunday visited the ships of foreign navies participating in the Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN-17.

During his visit the Naval chief Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah was welcomed by senior officers, task group commanders and commanding officers of the ships and was presented with a guard of honour.

Naval chief Admiral Zakaullah stressed that Pakistan Navy has always been a forerunner in the quest for collaborative security in the region. He highlighted the significant role being played by Pakistan Navy in the sustenance of peace and stability in the Indian Ocean Region.

The Naval Chief visited participating ships of Australia, China, Indonesia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

In his inaugural message, the Chief of Naval Staff said: “The vastness of the oceans and threats posed in maritime security also do not respect boundaries as their effects are felt globally.”

“Consequently, there is a strong realization that no one nation can single-handedly cope with the quantum of this prevailing threat, making cooperative maritime strategy a matter of compulsion rather than choice.”

Navies from over 37 countries have teamed up in the North Arabian Sea from 10 to 14 February 17 for Multinational Exercise AMAN-17 being hosted by the Pakistan Navy.

Three war vessels from Russia, four from US, and one each from Indonesia, Australia and Turkey are participating in the exercise. Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and the UK are also taking part.

The theme of the exercise is ‘Together for peace’, according to Pakistan Navy. A multinational wargame, AMAN, aims to ensure security and stability in a critical region of what is known as the “global commons”.

Maritime cooperation urged at 37-nation naval exercises in Pakistan

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