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Mark Wahlberg donates $1.5 million after pay gap controversy

Mark Wahlberg donates $1.5 million after pay gap controversy

The Time’s up initiative was unveiled by more than 300 major showbiz personalities

American actor Mark Wahlberg announced $1.5m (£1m) donation to the Time’s Up legal defence fund for victims of sexual harassment following a controversy over the massive pay gap between him and a female co-star.

The Time’s Up campaign is a movement against sexual harassment that was founded at the start of January in response to recent allegations in the media, film and broadcasting.

The 46-year old actor has decided to donate $1.5 million to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which combats harassment and pay inequities in Hollywood.

Walberg became the centre of controversy when it was revealed last year that his co-star, Michelle Williams, earned only $1,000 for reshooting the movie’s scenes while Wahlberg made $1.5 million for reshoots on the film.

According to sources, the current conversation is a reminder that those of us in a position of influence have a responsibility to challenge inequities, including the gender wage gap.

In a statement, Wahlberg said over the last few days my reshoot fee for ‘All the Money in the World’ has become an important topic of conversation.

He further said I 100% support the fight for fair pay and I’m donating the $1.5m to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in Michelle Williams’ name.

Hollywood agency William Morris Endeavor, which represents both stars, said it would also donate $500,000 to Time’s up. It had already pledged to give $1m earlier this month.

Scenes had to be reshot after Kevin Spacey was removed from the completed film following the allegations of predatory sexual behaviour.

The Time’s Up initiative was unveiled by more than 300 major actresses and female writers, directors, agents and other entertainment executives earlier this month.

Williams thanked those involved in the gesture, saying: “Today isn’t about me. My fellow actresses stood by me and stood up for me, my activist friends taught me to use my voice, and the most powerful men in charge.

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