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Mayor Islamabad inaugurated sports ground in F-8 sector

Mayor Islamabad inaugurated sports ground in F-8 sector

Provision of sports facilities top priority: Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz

The Mayor of Federal capital city and Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Sheikh Anser Aziz inaugurated  a sports ground in F-8/1 Islamabad.

The sports ground had been inaugurated after after up gradation and renovation work by a private firm under the CDA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

After upgrading different type of facilities are provided including Footsal, Cricket, Football, Basketball and others indoor/outdoor games.

The mayor of Islamabad said that management has ignored the sports grounds in the middle class residential area of Islamabad.

“The ground was in a dilapidated condition when it was handed over for beautification and up-gradation to a private company. After just 40 days, the ground has been opened for general public,” Aziz said while inaugurating the playground.

“The provision of state of the art sports facilities to the residents of the capital is his top priority,” Sheikh Anser Aziz said.

He said that Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) has provided a comprehensive road map to make federal capital a beautiful and modern city with the cooperation of private sector.

He stated that the involvement of the general public in the development process would not only create sense of ownership among the residents but would also help enhance beauty of the city.

During the inauguration ceremony, Sanaullah Aman Director General Sports and Culture, senior officers of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and CDA and sportsperson were also present in large number.

Few months back, Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) and CDA had invited the private sector to develop and upgrade different avenues, roads, parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, green belts, median strips and roundabouts under the “Own a Park”, “Own a Ground” and “Own a Roundabout” programme.

Under the programme, the Sector F-8/1 sports ground had been handed over to the Sukh Chayn Valley (Private) Limited for renovation.

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