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MoIT encourages women by introducing ‘work from home’ policy

MoIT encourages women by introducing ‘work from home’ policy

Policy offers female employees to work more conveniently and productively, Minster IT Anusha Rehman

Currently, world has become a global village with the rapid growth in the field of Information & Technology. Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology has taken an encouraging initiative after launching “Work from Home Policy” for female employees.

Minister for Information Technology & Telecom Anusha Rehman unveiled “Work from Home Policy” for Ministry of Information Technology in a function. The initiative aims to promote women employment and facilitate them a more conducive working environment.

Under this new initiative, all officers and other working female staff under the Ministry of IT are given the choice to select one day in a week as convenience to perform their official duties while being in their respective homes.

Minster IT Anusha Rehman stressed that “Work from Home Policy” convenience should be responsibly utilized so that the workers’ accessibility, communication and productivity are not compromised.

“This applied policy is announced to help all the female employees. She also stressed up all the working ladies that they have to act on this policy in a responsible way”, she said

The Minister also asserted that this step is taken for the betterment of female officers who should be responsible enough not to show any deficiency towards productivity.

The concept of working from home is similar to Freelancing. People tend to do work on different projects while sitting casually at home without much hassle.

Furthermore, Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom has issued a formal notification regarding “Work from Home Policy”.

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