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Nawaz Sharif met Vladimir Putin at One Belt One Road Forum in Beijing

Nawaz Sharif met Vladimir Putin at One Belt One Road Forum in Beijing

Russian and Chinese Presidents want to facilitate meeting for Sharif and Modi during upcoming Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit

On the sidelines of the international summit on China’s new Silk Road plan titled as ‘Belt and Road Forum’ aimed at getting international support to build the world’s largest infrastructure project.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Russian President Vladimir Putin had an informal meeting upon conclusion roundtable conference in Chinese capital Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping was also present in the meeting.

The sources indicated that it would be first joint attempt by Chinese and Russian leadership to subside the prevailing tension between Islamabad and New Delhi as all four leaders have confirmed their participation in the Astana summit that will take place early second week of next month.

According to the highly placed diplomatic sources on anonymity condition confided here that the brief informal meeting that took place at the picturesque lake where the leaders attending the ‘One Belt One Road’ concluding session of the international forum in the course of retreat meeting offered to play role for elimination of serious tension between Pakistan and India.

The sources revealed that Russian President Putin has decided to attend Astana summit instead of consigning his Prime Minister for the purpose.

The Russian and Chinese President will be present in Kazakhstan capital Astana where Nawaz and Modi will also come to assume the berth in the SCO and it would be historic occasion.

This would pave the way for facilitating a meeting between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi next month at Astana where Shanghai Cooperation Orgnaisation (SCO) will hold its summit.

Meanwhile, China is holding high-profile Belt and Road summit, the B&R initiative, which revives the ancient trade silk route, includes a maze of roads and port projects and aims to connect China with European and African markets through Asia.

The two-day summit in Beijing was attended by 29 heads of state and governments, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and representatives from the US, Japan and most of the western countries.

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