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NUST students win first prize at Stanford Longevity Design Challenge in California

NUST students win first prize at Stanford Longevity Design Challenge in California

Pakistani students’ anti-tremor prototype project TAME wins big in U.S.

A Team from NUST Islamabad has defeated several participated Teams USA, Canada, Brazil and China to win the Stanford‘s design challenge held at California, United states.

The Team of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) represented Pakistan in Stanford Longevity Design Challenge.

They waved the flag of Pakistan while they received the trophy and $100000 prize.

This year the Stanford‘s design challenge theme was focused on design projects and products which were developed to optimise the lives of human beings.

The participated Team were demonstrating a wearable device developed by the team of NUST, Islamabad that enable tremor patient to perform daily tasks. NUST winning team was comprised of three members of Awais Shafique, Hooriya Anam and Muhammad Arsalan Javed who successfully defended their prototype.

The winner Team defeated Different teams from the world renowned educational institute including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Virginia Tech, Cornell University, University of Sao Paolo, Stanford University and Beijing University.

The second position went to Team Rendever from Massachusetts Institute of Technology whereas Team Uppo from Virginia Tech University grabbed the 3rd place.

This year’s challenge named “Innovating Aging in Place” focused on designs that improve the quality of life for individuals aging in their homes and the final presentations were to be held on the 30th of March 2017.

According to NUST, TAME is the world’s first wearable device for pathological Tremor Categorization and Real-Time suppression. Pathological tremors are the most common neurological movement disorder which cause involuntary rhythmic shaking of various parts of the human body, most commonly the hands.

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