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OPPO ranked second best selling smartphone in Pakistan’s 4G market

OPPO ranked second best selling smartphone in Pakistan’s 4G market

OPPO F3, OPPO A57 and OPPO A37 are ranked amongst the top 5 most popular Android phones in Pakistan 4G smartphone market

According to data from market research firm GFK, OPPO was ranked on the second spot in Pakistan’s 4G smartphone market for the first two Quarters of 2017 in Pakistan.

According to a recent report published by GFK, OPPO has successfully managed to become the No. 2 brand in the Pakistan 4G Market and hence has successfully nailed it.

Oppo A57 and OOP A37 Smartphone remained in the list of most popular five smartphones in the Pakistani 4G smartphone market and July 2017 was successful in achieving two positions in the list of the most popular Android phones in the world.

OPPO is gaining popularity as an emerging smartphone brand in Pakistan with some of its flagship models like the OPPO F3, OPPO A37 and OPPO A57 available at affordable prices with a range of features.

OPPO is one of the fastest growing brands in Pakistan thanks to the popularity of models including the flagship OPPO F3, OPPO A37 and OPPO A57.

OPPO is growing swiftly thanks not only to smartphone design, manufacturing capability, and rich feature sets but also by out-smarting and out-spending rivals in sales channels, go-to-market, and marketing promotion strategies.

The brand introduces new technologies and ideas with every release, including their hit release the F3 Selfie Expert with a wide-angle front camera which allows the user to take a group selfie without the unnecessary hassle that comes with it.

Oppo chief executive officer Chen Mingyong said that the Chinese brand will soon launch products in Japan and Europe, after establishing its presence in China and India,

He further said the leading players will make aggressive plans to maintain or grow their market share. We can expect a major market shake-up in China in 2018”.

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