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Pak Security Forces recover Shahbaz kidnapped 5 years ago

Pak Security Forces recover Shahbaz kidnapped 5 years ago

Pakistani security forces on Tuesday evening (March 8, 2016) marked a major achievement by recovering safely the son of Late Governor of Punjab, Shahbaz Taseer who was kidnapped by terrorists in 2011 from Lahore. To the surprise of whole nation, the security forces this evening announced the recovery of Shahbaz Taseer whose father was killed by his own security guard the same year.

Pakistani media termed the move by security forces as a major success against terrorists in general and terrorist network in Balochistan in particular and hoped that another kidnapped people would also be snatched from the clutches of terrorists.

The news was a pleasant surprise for the family members and friends who had become somewhat disappointed about the release. The kidnappers had been demanding more than Rs. 50 million in exchange for the release of Shahbaz Taseer. The terrorists based in Balochistan had been running a kidnapping for ransom as a business and use the money for arms and ammunitions purchase from abroad.

Today’s action by security forces is yet another blow to terrorists in recent weeks and months which resulted in the killings and captures of dozens of high-profile terrorists engaged in Balochistan and aiming to create disorder in the province and country. Several other persons kidnapped by terrorists are believed to have taken into Afghanistan and Kabul Administration refuses to act against terrorists citing its lack of governance in the area.

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