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Pakistan among fastest growing e-commerce markets: eBay

Pakistan among fastest growing e-commerce markets: eBay

eBay CEO Devin Wenig encouraged Pakistanis to use the e-commerce site.

Devin Wenig Chief Executive Officer of eBay, an American e-commerce company, has rated Pakistan among the hot destination e-commerce markets in the world and thinks that online shopping in the country will escalate.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Live Facebook Chat, CEO eBay D. Wenig was asked how he rates at Pakistan’s online market. In the response of the question Wenig said, although we don’t eBay did not have a local Pakistani version, however there is enough scope for online marketing.

“It’s the fastest growing markets we have around the world. Anywhere where wealth is growing and technology is being adopted, e-commerce is being adopted like crazy”, Devin Wenig, CEO eBay.

During his Live Chat, When someone added a question to the discussion about Why eBay is not serving in Pakistan, Devin Wenig said even eBay did not operate in Pakistan, butt our services are still extensively being used by Pakistanis on various eBay sites.

CEO eBay conclude his analysis on Pakistan online marketing that, “We absolutely encourage you to shop, and we will get our goods and services in Pakistan for sure. Go and use eBay in Pakistan”.

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