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Pakistan and Afghanistan cooperation must for peaceful future

Pakistan and Afghanistan cooperation must for peaceful future

“Security Cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan is an absolute must for a peaceful prospective future for both countries”, says Dr. Gunter Mulack, Ex-Ambassador of Germany to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Security cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan Relations is necessary to combat terrorism which is a “common enemy of both countries”, speakers urged at a conference in Islamabad.

“Security Cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan is an absolute must for a peaceful prospective future for both countries,” Dr. Gunter Mulack said.

He was addressing to a large gathering of students from Strategic Studies Department of National Defence University today on “Pak-Afghan Relations and Prospects of Peaceful Future”. A large number of students, senior professors of National Defence University (NDU), Mr. Ronny Heine, Resident Representative of KAS in Pakistan and Mr. Fawad Haider, Programs Officer, KAS attended the seminar.

“Pak-Afghan Relations are of paramount importance in Pakistan’s foreign policy as well as in determining peace inside Pakistan, however, that can only be achieved when there is peace in Afghanistan as well,” Dr. Mulack said in his address, adding, it was encouraging that in 2015 more bilateral cooperation regarding security issues and military-to-military relations was explored by the two countries.

Ex-Ambassador of Germany to Pakistan, Dr. Gunter Mulack urged to increase bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan to combat terrorism, which he termed as a “common enemy of both countries”.

While suggesting solution to reduce the resistance between the two countries, Dr. Mulack recommended that Pakistan should identify and find more economic propositions for Afghanistan. CPEC is the one answer that can be designed for mutual benefit of both countries. He was of the view that Youth Exchange Programs must be encouraged. Pakistan can offer such opportunities to Afghan students. He was acclaimed to see maximum female students attending his lecture.

Professor Dr. Zulfiqar Khan, HOD of Strategic Studies Department, NDU also spoke on the occasion. “Considering the ground realities we can move forward with dialogues and peace-talks to have a joint counter-terrorism effort and can devise some mechanism for border monitoring to overcome overall security and administrative issues in both countries” he said.

Prof Zulfiqar lauded the analytical perspective given by Dr. Mulack and considered his rational and diagnostic views as an illuminating standpoint for his faculty and students.

Dr. Mulack on behalf of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), German Foundation, also condemned the tragic and brutal incident in Lahore resulting in 70 deaths and hundreds of injuries. He also appreciated the decision of Pakistan for Rangers operation in Southern Punjab and hoped that it will help in controlling the worsening terrorism situation of the country.

Dr. Gunter Mulack is a retired German Ambassador who served in Pakistan from July 2005 till September 2008 and these days serving as the Executive Director of the German Orient Institute in Berlin.

Dr. Mulack was in Pakistan as a Diplomat and Strategic Expert of Muslim World on the invitation of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Dr. Mulack had series of lectures in Quaid-e-Azam University, National Defence University as well as he attended various Roundtables regarding Pak-German Relations, Pak-Afghan Relations, Contemporary Relations between Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia and Security Issues prevailing Pakistan and its impact on EU countries.

As a diplomat and strategic analyst of International Law Dr. Mulack has been contributing a lot in highlighting current world affairs with a special focus on Muslim Countries and Political Islam. As a diplomat he served mostly in the Arab world including Lebanon, Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Kuwait and other Muslim countries. He has been German Ambassador to Bahrain, Kuwait Syria and Consul General in Casablanca. He was appointed in Mai 2002 as the first German Commissioner for Dialogue with the Muslim world and served until 2005 in this capacity visiting almost all Muslim countries. He has also served as a former senior Advisor to the Aga Khan Development Network and has been active in intercultural dialogues around the world.

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