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Pakistan can become bridge between South and Central Asia: Experts
German scholar Dr. Dietrich Reetz speaking at a seminar in Islamabad.

Pakistan can become bridge between South and Central Asia: Experts

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan should focus on regional developments and boost cooperation with its neighbors to become a bridge between South and Central Asia, speakers urged at a seminar in Islamabad.

Enhanced regional cooperation can facilitate Pakistan to act as a connecting bridge in the Asian region, experts agreed.

The world is moving from away from the Cold War binary to an environment where you don’t talk in either-or language. Geo-economics is replacing geo-politics. International relations is turning into a market for competitive project. Such changes can have a positive development on Pakistan, if Pakistan wants to avail the opportunity, said Dr. Dietrich Reetz, associate professor at the Department of Political Science at Free University Berlin, Germany.

He was speaking at a talk hosted by Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS). The discussion was moderated by Gen ® Talat Masood, former defense secretary.

Outlining Pakistan’s presence at the crossroad of South Asia and Central Asia, Dr. Reetz informed that strategic positions doesn’t automatically bring fruits and Pakistan has to deal with all its neighbours in an atmosphere of “partly cooperation and partly contestation” to make the best of strategic benefits. Dr. Reetz also shared how Pakistan can tap into its cultural or religious capital.

Taking part in the discussion, former ambassador Saeed Khalid believes Pakistan-India cricket diplomacy can help ease ties between the two neighbors.

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