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Eid ul Fitr 2018 holidays in Pakistan announced

Eid ul Fitr 2018 holidays in Pakistan announced

Eidul Fitr holidays in Pakistan will be observed from June 15 to June 18, 2018, according to the interior ministry.

The holidays will continue from June 15 to June 18 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday), the interior ministry said in a notification.

Eidul Fitr celebrations mark the culmination of the Holy month of Ramazan during which Muslims all over the world observe 30 days of fasting.

In Pakistan, Eid festivities are marked by last-minute late night shopping with shopping malls and markets bursting at the seams with energetic crowds.

According to the Met office, Eid-ul -Fitr is likely to be celebrated on June 16 across Pakistan.

Earlier, a fake letteabout the official holiday was making rounds on the social media. The government later clarified it was fake.

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