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Pakistani-American comedian Kumail Najiani nominated for Oscar

Pakistani-American comedian Kumail Najiani nominated for Oscar

His wife Emily V Gordon who co-wrote the debut film was also nominated

A Pakistani-American stand-up comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani has been nominated for an Oscar for ‘The Big Sick’ in the ‘Original Screenplay’ category.

The actor and comedian lost a bet with director and writer Edgar Wright (Baby Driver) when his film The Big Sick earned him and writing partner and also wife Emily V. Gordon a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination.

Kumail Nanjiani born in Karachi and studies his primary education at the Karachi Grammar School,  at the age 18 years, Kumail’s family moved to the US.

American stand-up Pakistani comedian Kumail Nanjianito is 39 years emerging actor and he got graduation from Grinnell College, Iowa in 2001.

Kumail was earlier known for playing snarky programmer Dinesh in HBO’s comedy Silicon Valley and he received a positive and overwhelming response to such a tremendous recognition on Twitter.

Kumail Nanjiani, tweeted at Gordon “Hey Academy Award nominee @emilyvgordon, how’s it going, has over 30,000 likes at the time of publication, hundreds of comments, and even garnered a “congratulations” from actor Elijah Wood.

As Oscar nominations were announced earlier, some of the newly minted nominees took to Twitter to express their excitement, while other stars not involved in this year’s films celebrated their colleagues.

“It’s only now settling in. Wow. Emily and I met when she heckled me at a comedy show in the back of a diner in 2006. We wrote a movie about it & 12 years later we’re nominated for an Oscar. I will never get over this,” Nanjiani tweeted.

The film was released in the US at a time when there’s a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment, there’s a lot of Islamophobia,” Nanjiani had said in an earlier interview.

The Big Sick is a drama-romance that portrays his romantic life that occurred with wife in real life, Emily Gordan.

Nanjiani’s world was upended when Emily falls into a coma with an undiagnosed illness and he kept a bedside vigil alongside her parents.

This film follows other Hollywood films such as “Get Out” and “Wonder Woman” which are starting to break the white, male-dominated movie mold and show that US audiences will pay to see films with minority leads.

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