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Pakistani, Chinese scientists to start Joint Oceanographic Expedition in Arabian Sea

Pakistani, Chinese scientists to start Joint Oceanographic Expedition in Arabian Sea

Scientists of friends countries studied the geological structure and natural resources embedded near the Makran Trench

Pakistan and Chinese scientists have joined hands to conduct the first-ever Joint Oceanographic Expedition at the Arabian Sea along the Makran.

Chinese and Pakistani researchers started an ocean-bottom seismograph (OBS) for the first time using Shi Yan 3, a scientific research vessel from the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This was announced by National Institute of Oceanographic Director-General  Dr. Asif Inam while talking to media in a get together organized to honour the Chinese delegation at a hotel in Karachi.

This is the first joint scientific collaboration on the ocean between the two countries will study the geological structure and natural resources there and aims to help with disaster prevention and mitigation.

NIO Director General NIO Dr. Asif Inam and South China Sea Institute of Oceanography (SCSIO) Deputy Director General, Professor Jian Lin, explained the significance of this endeavour.

They further said the Arabian Sea is considered as a laboratory for marine researchers as there a number of features that make it a unique place to undertake scientific research and to improve the understanding about seismicity.

Prof. Jian Lin told to the news agencies that both sides started working on this expedition four months ago and there will be 80 scientists and crew members on board at Shiyan 3, including 8 Pakistani members.

SCSIO and NIO have plans to organize a Joint scientific conference during the first week of February 2018 to share preliminary results with the scientific community, academia and oil/gas industry.

Ministry of Science and Technology Federal Secretary, Ms Yasmeen Masood, appreciated the efforts of the leadership of both the sides and spoke on how the maritime sector and oceanography could contribute towards the progress of our country.

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