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Pakistani mango exports to Australia expected to grow

Pakistani mango exports to Australia expected to grow

ISLAMABAD — Pakistani mango exporters are now able to export fresh mangoes to Australia after being treated with irradiation or hot water dip. Australian Government has amended its import conditions to enable the export to Australia of fresh Pakistani mangoes which have been irradiated for fruit flies and mealy bugs.

The Australian Department of Agriculture has worked closely with the Pakistan Department of Plant Protection to assess and approve the PARAS Foods irradiation facility in Lahore. The amended import conditions will apply to all potential Pakistani exporters of irradiated fresh mangoes.

Under Australia’s food regulations, irradiated mangoes must be labelled at point of sale – as set out in Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Following the new measure Pakistani mangoes are expected to be more widely available in the Australian market and Australian lovers of mango.

Pakistani exporters had previously been permitted to export fresh mangoes to Australia that had been treated by hot water dip. Officials say that Australia can become a big market for Pakistani fruits, especially mangoes, if Pakistan continues to work on improving the quality of its produce.

With the use of Hot Water Treatment (WHT) technology the shelf life of fruits is prolonged from just seven days to around 40 days. The amended import conditions mean that mangoes for Australia from Pakistan are now able to be treated with either irradiation, at a minimum dose of 400Gray (maximum dose not to exceed 1000Gray), or the current hot water dip treatment.

Importers in Australia have been asked to apply for an import permit for irradiated mangoes from Pakistan. Pakistani exporters are expecting to export more than 15,000 tonnes of mango annually to Australia. – PPA

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