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Pakistani movie fans give thumps up to ‘Bachaana’

Pakistani movie fans give thumps up to ‘Bachaana’

Latest Pakistani movie ‘Bachaana’, which was released in Pakistan, UAE and India on February 26, is getting some great response at home as well as abroad.

The movie clearly rests on the shoulders of two dynamic TV actors of Pakistan, including Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza. Sanam and Mohib weave their magic through comedy, romance and thrill. Sanam and Mohib showed their knack for comedy with pitch-perfect timing. Their one-liners left audience in splits on most occasions as the duo added a dash of humour in intense situations.

“The natural spontaneity in Mohib Mirza’s role as Vicky was laudable. His one liner extemporaneous responses added the needed comic relief in the film, not to forget his amusing expressions. There’s a great balance in action-packed sequences, romance and comedy – and nothing seems overdone”, according to this review.

The movie also marks Adeel Hashmi’s comeback. Adeel took a break from his signature comic avatar and is seen in a negative role in the movie.

Shot in the picturesque location of Mauritius, Bachaana is a good entertainment package that wraps up a long story in almost two hours with three tracks and impressive cinematography.

Director Nasir Khan offers a novel concept that our ordinariness must be celebrated, not scorned – as we’re more alike than different. From the lead pair to the supporting cast, Khan has blended a fine mélange of divinely gifted actors to please the sensibilities of viewers.

Khan has a strong command over emotions, therefore, his film gradually enters into a genre of its own. It’s not mere gags, but something deeper that is hysterically funny. The laughs fly by in the most subtle manner with a layer of slightly sentimental conception underneath, illustrating a maturation of handling situations.

There is also creative cross-border collaboration in the film. Indian music director Prasad Sashte and singer Benny Dayal are part of this film. “There was great synergy while making this film,” said the director.

“Just like entertainment is guaranteed in an Indo-Pak cricket match, this Indo-Pak 20-20 love story (its run time is only 100 minutes) is as promising and entertaining and will give you ample opportunities to whistle and applause. Go run the marathon with them!” suggests Sadiq Saleem in his review here.

Bachaana movie stars, Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed and Adeel Hashmi, posing at the Lahore premiere of the film

Bachaana movie stars, Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed and Adeel Hashmi, posing at the Lahore premiere of the film

If you’re looking for a family movie to watch this week while supporting Pakistan’s film industry too, go grab your tickets and catch light hearted comedy in Bachaana.

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