Pakistani Robotics Team heads to US to take part in Global Robotics Challenge 2017
Pakistani Robotics team with mentors and American Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Jonathan Pratt in Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistani Robotics Team heads to US to take part in Global Robotics Challenge 2017

Pakistani school students to contest with teams from 160 countries in Washington, DC this week

Six Pakistani students are all geared up to compete with teams from 160 countries this week from 16 July to 18 July 2017 in Washington, DC, United States.

The Pakistani Robotics team and their mentors have reached Washington, DC to participate in First Global Challenge robotics 2017 – a three-day robotics competition for young students that aims to promote science and technology among youngsters worldwide.

Hamza Arshad Bhatti, Dawood Ahmad Kiyani, Ahmed Waheed, Muhammad Bin Mohsin, Maryam Ahmad Kiyani and Syed Suleman Ali – the six participants are students of EMS High School in Islamabad.

Team mentor Ali Syed said that the team, also known as AlphaBots Pakistan, has been vigorously preparing for this global competition organized by FIRST USA for weeks. “Our team is honored to represent Pakistan on this international stage and to show that Pakistani students have a passion and an aptitude for solving problems through robotics,” said team mentor Ali Syed.

The Pakistan team will play their part as 160 teams from across the world come together to tackle the global water crisis, which the theme of the competition this year. The teams will present robots designed to clean contaminated water.

Before their departure to the US, American Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Jonathan Pratt met with the team members to encourage them to cooperate actively with their colleagues from 160 other nations. “I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to share ideas about how to use robotics to solve some of the biggest problems that Pakistan, the United States, and other countries around the world face,” Pratt said.

The Pakistani team, which is financially supported by the American Embassy, will work with other teams from across the world to accomplish engineering tasks focused on access to clean water.

First Global is the world’s first international robot Olympics for high-school students with an aim to inspire science and technology interest and innovation among the 2 billion youth of the world. The opening ceremony for the 2017 First Global Challenge will take place on 16 July at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC.

2017 First Global Challenge provides a chance for youngsters to unleash their potential through the sport of robotics.

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