Pakistan’s first-ever international wrestling event a treat for sport lovers

Pakistan’s first-ever international wrestling event a treat for sport lovers

Pro Wrestling Entertainment is a dream came true for many Pakistani wrestling fans

Generations of Pakistanis have grown up watching wrestling on TV screens, wishing to witness the game live some day in their lived.

This dream finally came true on May 17 when Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE) was held in Karachi at KMC Sports Complex. The day will always be remembered as the night when professional wrestling set foot in Pakistan.


The former wrestlers of the US conglomerate World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) were also part of the show. The top names were Wade Barrett, Carlito and Pakistan’s very own Badshah Pehlwan Khan, Fury, Starbuck, Prince Zefy, Bernard Vandamme, Adam Flex Maxted, Angel’s Bombita, Tiny Iron, Mickey and Betty Trash, The Omen, Yacine Osmani, Fabio Ferrari, Aaron Rammy, Audrey Bride and Tim Tango.

The show began with the wrestlers coming out for their introductions and received a stunning and raucous reception from the crowd upon their entry.

Pakistan’s wrestler Baadshah Pehalwan Khan (C) holds a national flag as he reacts to the fans during the opening ceremony of the Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE) show in Karachi

The event comprised of both male and female matches. The success of this event has also paved way for more international events to be organised in Pakistan.


In the main contest Pehlwan Khan and Carlito faced off, with Barrett acting as the special guest referee. As the match neared its climax, Carlito drew his famous prop — an apple — took a bite and attempted to spit it in Khan’s face.

The WWE stars witnessed the awesome chanting like “we want wrestling”. The spectators showed their gratitude, yelling “Thank You Badshah” and “Thank You Barrett” slogans.

Pakistani wrestling fans react as they watch a fight during Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE) show in Karachi

In all, seven matches were held among different competitors, but more than the happenings of inside the ring what transpired outside was more interesting. The crowd screamed their lungs out and at times it seemed that the proverbial roof might come off.


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