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Pakistan’s first international conference on rehabilitation sciences

Pakistan’s first international conference on rehabilitation sciences

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s first ever international conference on rehabilitation sciences education started today in Islamabad featuring renowned scholars and subject specialists from across the globe.

Physical human rehabilitation and it’s scientific education is getting lesser attention in Pakistan due to lack of awareness amongst the masses which generally affects a large number of individuals directly or indirectly especially the handicapped people. To cover this gap and build a separate profile, Isra University’s Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences has arranged the conference to promote the sensitivity of physical health and human rehabilitation process in the country.

A large number of leading international experts, scientists as well as Pakistani doctors, trainers and experts are expected to participate in Pakistan’s first ever Rehabilitation sciences education conference being arranged by

Pakistan Science Foundation Chairman Dr. Muhammad Ashraf will be the chief guest in the inaugural ceremony which will be followed by some plenary sessions and a discussion forum featuring leading experts including UK-based Prof. Dr Barbra N Parfitt (CBE), Dr Andy Charley (UK), Dr Bilal Ahmad (UK) , Dr Shakil Jehangir Malik (UK) Dr. Rana Siddiqui PhD (UK), Dr Sabahat Asim Wasti (UAE), Dr Nadeem Rehman(UK), and from national experts coming across  different parts of Pakistan includes Dr Sajida Naz PhD, Dr Muhammad Naveed Babur, Dr Shaista Habibullah PhD , Prof. Dr Syed Amir Gilani, Dr Tahir Masood PhD, Dr. Furqan Ahmed Siddiqui and Nazia Mumtaz and many others will share their expertise to uplift the rehabilitation sciences profession through research and education.

The international conference  also include the 4th National rehabilitation conference being organized by Isra Institute of Rehabilitation sciences with the aim of bridging gap among rehabilitation professionals across the country and around the globe.

The conference will be accompanied by pre and post conference workshops which will provide learning benefits to the rehabilitation professionals and students to learn and share knowledge from experts in the field coming from abroad and different parts of the country.

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