Pakistan’s visionary entrepreneur to introduce rechargeable Batteries for Cars and Phones

Pakistan’s visionary entrepreneur to introduce rechargeable Batteries for Cars and Phones

Waseem Ashraf Qureshi first time in Pakistan introduced UPS in 1984

A visionary Pakistani electronics engineer and entrepreneur has now come up with the innovative idea to launch rechargeable Batteries for electric cars, rickshaws and mobile phones.

This inventor and entrepreneur is Waseem Ashraf Qureshi who is continually researching to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow’s complex problems.

Waseem Ashraf has more than 30-year experience of putting his contribution to the solar power technology sphere.

Waseem Ashraf’s Contributions

Waseem Ashraf  graduated in electronic engineering from Lahore, He won the Pakistan’s presidential Award for excellence in National Science at the age of 15. Since then, there has been no looking back for him in his industrious career.

Waseem Ashraf’s first major achievement was introducing UPS, a battery-based uninterrupted power supply system, in Pakistan in 1984 that turned out, an extremely fruitful solution for the energy shortage problems in the country.

He has been the brain behind companies such as WRL Technologies, Kilowatt Lab, Microtron Technologies, Q Technologies, Amber and Waseem General Trading LLC.

WRL Technologies – a technology based company involved in both development and manufacturing innovative products in energy sector of the country.

Waseem moved to Dubai in 2009 and established MiccGreenTec Inc to create technologies that are environment-friendly and cost-effective.

New Fast Charging Batteries

Waseem’s company, WRL Technologies, has now introduced a battery knows as “Sirius” that takes only 16 to 30 seconds to get fully charged. On top of that it features an extraordinary lifecycle.

According to Mr. Qureshi, these small gadgets were always present for more expensive commercial applications, howe, er there was a dire need of such a technology for households as well.

Here are some of the most incredible features of the battery:

  • Its ultra-capacitors are capable of more than 10 times the power density. and about 1000 times the lifecycle as compared to lithium-ion battery technology.
  • The most startling news is that its optimal lifespan is over 45 years.
  • The performance of these capacitors cannot be affected even when they are completely discharged, overcharged or fully charged; hence it proves to be cost-effective.

Electric Car Project

Mr. Qureshi said that this project is expected to solve a main problem in this segment of automobile industry by introduction of WRL Technologies’ proprietary super-capacitor batteries, which takes almost the same time to recharge as it takes to re-fuel the conventional cars.

“Electric car manufactures have been struggling to increase the energy storage in their vehicles, requiring electric car owners to park their cars as much as six hours in order to fully charge them after reaching 200-300 kilometer mileage”, Mr.Qureshi  highlighted.

However, to make this project an even bigger success, WRL Technologies has taken a step further by developing means for motorists to recharge the batteries wirelessly.

Mr.Qureshi also stated that they also plan to apply the concept of wireless recharging to the mobile phones by using some special kind of batteries that can be installed on mobile phones.

The CEO said that this kind of facility will be available in malls and specified public places, where users will be able to recharge their devices in just 15 seconds. The battery life can last for 10-20 hours depending on the usage.

More Developments

The super capacitor battery has allowed the WRL Technologies to provide power to auto-rickshaw, which can run for 150 km. The organization has also developed a retrofit kit, which will allow the inter-conversion between hybrid and electronic modes for the vehicles.

Moreover, WRL Technologies will focus on their main objective – to override the dependence on fossil fuels by concept of power generation by solar energy.

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