Sky Electric brings smart energy system to Pakistan

Sky Electric brings smart energy system to Pakistan

Sky Electric unveils the first environment-friendly Smart Energy System in Pakistan

SkyElectric, a US-based company, has launched its smart energy system in Pakistan with an aim to provide affordable and sustainable clean solar energy.

Sky Electric aims to addresses the power challenges faced by the country through the renewable source of energy. The Smart Energy System (SES) combines the technology with solar grid to provide high quality and cleaner energy at an affordable cost.

Sky Electric has officially launched its operations in Pakistan at an event held in the Marriott Hotel, Islamabad on the 27th of February, 2017.  The company plans to begin deploying systems by end March 2017.

The launching event was attended by members of the government, energy sector, corporate executives, homeowners, academia, green architects and builders.

The company has targeted this form of renewable energy due to its cost effective advantages. The Smart Energy System (SES) integrates technology with a solar grid system that results in a clean, high quality and cheaper source of energy.

The CEO started off with a presentation on the energy crisis in the developing world, and why the system was the right building block for a new form of clean power infrastructure.

Ashar Aziz, CEO is also a founder of cyber security firm FireEye said that Sky Electric gave a demonstration of the Smart Energy System, in which the audience was treated to a live interaction with the Smart Energy Console, the heart of the system.

The Smart Energy Console is a touch screen interface, which gives insight into system operations. It has built-in 3G chip and WiFi connectivity, which allows the software to relay system information to the Sky Electric Cloud.

Additionally there is an accompanying Sky Electric App, which provides the same level of visibility as the Smart Energy Console.

It gives insight into the system and helps in uploading the relay information on Sky Electric cloud. The technicians can then remotely monitor the system for any faults.

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