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Son of former PM Shaukat Aziz dies of cancer in London

Son of former PM Shaukat Aziz dies of cancer in London

Abid Aziz had been suffering from cancer for the past three years

The only son of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, died of a protracted illness in London, he had remained under treatment at several hospitals in US, Germany and UK.

Abid Shoukat Aziz, was only 43 and was suffering from cancer. He was under treatment at Royal Free Hospital Pond Street, London, where he breathed his last.

Funeral prayers of the deceased will be offered today (Monday) at 12 noon after Zohr prayer in Central Mosque, Regent Park, London, where he will be laid to rest in local graveyard of Alford area of East London.

Shaukat Aziz has two daughters – Maha Aziz and Lubna Aziz – and one son Abid Aziz. Abid Aziz left behind widow and a nine-year-old daughter and he appealed the masses to pray for his late son.

Shoukat Aziz served as Prime Minister from August 20, 2004 to November 15, 2007. He had been the Finance Minister of Pakistan from November 6, 1999 to November 15, 2007.

After accepting a personal request by General Pervez Musharraf, Aziz returned to Pakistan from the United States to assume the charge of the Finance Ministry as its Finance minister while taking control of the country’s economy.

In 2004 Aziz was nominated by the Musharaf loyalist government led by Pakistan Muslim League (Q), for the position of Prime Minister after the resignation of Zafarullah Khan Jamali on 6 June 2004.

As prime minister, Aziz oversaw the large-scale expansion of military reforms and police reforms, and significant investment in the country that led to the boom of the automotive industry, energy megaprojects, nuclear industry,[5] and the port industry, and presided the unprecedented GDP growth.

Shoukat Aziz’s policy expanded the internet and telecommunication services, and liberalized the private media of Pakistan as his vision to internationalize the image of the country.

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