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India most corrupt country in Asia: Forbes


India tops Forbes list of most corrupt Asian country followed by Vietnam and Thailand A recent survey by the Transparency International states that India is the most corrupt country in Asia. The Forbes article rates India the highest in the list with 69 per cent bribery rate, The report describes India as: “In five of the six public services – schools, hospitals, ID ... Read More »

Pakistani students win bronze medal in International Chemistry Olympiad

Pakistani Student bags bronze medal in International Chemistry Olympiad

HEC sent Maaha Ayub along with three other students to 49th International Chemistry Competition Pakistan is swelling with talent and we should be proud of these young and educated guns. These brilliant students are rich assets of Pakistan’s future. A team from Pakistan, comprised of four most talented students was sent to compete against 297 students of chemistry subject around the ... Read More »

South Asian leaders urged to improve trade and regional connectivity

Experts urge the South Asian policymakers to prioritize dialogue over bilateral disputes between the states LAHORE – Enhancing people-to-people contact and institutional collaborations especially among the universities of Asian states is the best way forward to the much-needed inter-regional as well as intra-regional connectivity, according to the speakers at a policy dialogue held in Lahore. Speakers at the international conference ... Read More »

4 killed as series of blasts hit tourist resorts in Thailand

4 killed as series of blasts hit tourist resorts in Thailand

Thailand rocked by eleven bombs in one day in which at least 4 were killed and dozens injured BANGKOK (Thailand) – A series of coordinated blasts across Thailand killed four and injured more than 30, including foreign tourists on Friday. Two bombs went off in the resort of Hua Hin Friday morning near the clock tower, a city landmark and ... Read More »

Thailand facing longest heat wave in 65 years

Thailand facing longest heat wave in 65 years

Authorities warned people to stay indoors and drink more water and beware of food poisoning and other food related illness BANGKOK (Thailand) – Southeast Asia has been roasting in an extended heat wave through much of April with temperatures reaching unprecedented levels. In Thailand, the heat wave is considered the worst since reliable records have been kept in that country. ... Read More »

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