The Glassworker, Pakistan’s first hand-drawn anime film, has an impressive trailer

The Glassworker, Pakistan’s first hand-drawn anime film, has an impressive trailer

Trailer of Pakistan’s first hand-drawn anime film The Glassworker will leave you in awe

Pakistan’s first hand-drawn anime film The Glassworker’s trailer is out and is totally impressive.

The 25-year-old Pakistani musician, composer and artist Usman Riaz has just released the first trailer of the film after successfully crowdfunding his passion project ‘The Glassworker’ on Kickstarter.

Directed by Usman Riaz, ‘The Glassworker’ is a hand-drawn animated film about a young girl and boy who discover that life is beautiful but fragile, like glass.

The Glassworker is being made under the banner of Mano Animation Studios. The trailer was uploaded on their official Facebook page.

To make his dream of making The Glassworker come true, Usman founded Mano Animation Studios, where he’s begun work on the film with other artists after a year of working on the film alone.

In an interview, Riaz said, ‘Pakistan really has no hand-drawn animation industry as such. With The Glassworker and our studios, we hope to lay the foundation and support a whole new generation of artists.’

The Glassworker is a truly special film, for it is intended to be Pakistan’s first completely hand-drawn anime film.

‘The film will follow main characters, the glassworker Vincent and his regular customer/violinist Alliz through their developing years as life gets more complicated and inhibits their relationship. It will be a comment on the effects of war on children and just explore the bond between the two main characters,’ Riaz told the crux of the film.

Singer and animator Usman Riaz have helmed the project, utilizing crowd-sourced funding together with a traditional approach to creating his feature film. Thanks to a 1,053 generous people who donated to the artist’s fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, The Glassworker generated a staggering $116,000, which was more than double the funds Riaz had hoped to collect.

‘After working alone for so long, my team is what I am most grateful for, from the project managers to the background artists, environment designers and of course the animation team. This could not have been done without them,’ Usman Riaz wrote on Facebook.

The first chapter of The Glassworker will be seen in 2017.

Here, The Glassworker Trailer:

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