10 injured as Shaheen Air plane crash lands in Lahore
Shaheen airplane skidded off the Lahore runway after its tyre burst due to a fault in the landing gear.

10 injured as Shaheen Air plane crash lands in Lahore

LAHORE (Pakistan) – At least 10 people received minor injuries as a Lahore-bound Shaheen Air flight made an emergency landing at the Allama Iqbal International Airport on Tuesday.

The NL-142 flight which departed from Karachi was forced to make an emergency landing as its tyres burst, according to initial reports. At least 112 passengers and seven crew members were on board the flight, Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Pervez George said.

The injured were provided with immediate medical treatment. None are said to be in critical condition.

A passenger of the flight told reporters that, “The aircraft was facing some problems even at the time of take off from Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport (JIA).” He said that the tyre of the aircraft had broken off on the impact of landing at Lahore and added that the turbulent landing had also caused luggage to fall upon some passengers.

Fearful and panicked passengers were evacuated through an emergency gate.

“This seems to be a normal landing which resulted in a runway excursion,” a pilot of an international airline told.

Zain Asghar, an aviation student who was at the scene following the landing, told media that, “The tyre was burst off [the plane] and the aircraft [had] skid off the runway.”

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