2021 will be the year of growth, vows PM Imran

2021 will be the year of growth, vows PM Imran

PM Imran Khan said that Pakistan could learn from China’s industrialization and adapt its model

Prime Minister Imran Khan is determined to see Pakistan grow economically in 2021 despite setbacks faced in 2020 due to the novel coronavirus. He spoke on the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony of Chinese automotive group MG’s hundred million dollars automobile manufacturing and assembly unit in Islamabad.

Business-friendly policies

The prime minister reiterated that the policies would be business-friendly and incentivize previously neglected industries. He also added that poverty would be eradicated through the generation of greater wealth. He also said that the textile industry was working on full capacity after many years.  

“We have to make business-friendly policies. We have to help our industry, that has been previously neglected and have to incentivize it. The wealth that will be subsequently generated will be used to eradicate poverty,” he said.

No one sleeps hungry

Imran vowed that new schemes would begin under the Ehsaas Program to ensure that no one sleeps hungry anywhere in the country. He was hopeful that a mechanism would be in place by the end of 2021.

“We will use information technology and will identify areas where this is most prevalent and will involve the whole country, including non-government organizations,” Khan said.

“We will start our most ambitious nationwide project ‘Koi Bhuka Na Soyay’ under Ehsaas programme. By the end of the year, these two projects will move us closer to our goal of making Pakistan a welfare state.”

He also said that that universal healthcare would also be provided to the people across the country. A program for this purpose is underway in KP, and other provinces will soon follow suit.

“My new rear resolutions for 2021 are to complete two projects. One, universal health coverage to all our citizens. It has begun in KP and will soon begin in Punjab & GB. We hope other provinces will replicate this program,” the PM said.

Learning from China

Imran praised China for its development and said that Pakistan could learn a lot from its neighbouring country.  

“China is the country we can learn the most from because their development model suits us the best. Pakistan can learn the most from the way and the speed with which China has developed in the past 35 years.”

Imran also emphasized increasing exports to end dependency on the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Lower exports will further squeeze the common man who is under pressure.

“Our biggest problem is that we did not try to increase our exports in the past. Why do we have to go to the International Monetary Fund? Because our exports fall and our imports rise […] we have to squeeze our economy, which makes life difficult for the common man.”

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