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Adrian Gasser Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

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Adrian Gasser Net Worth
Adrian Gasser Net Worth

Adrian Gasser Net Worth – Hotel Schweizerhof lobby bar patron Adrian Gasser is relaxed in Lucerne at the age of 75. He’s relaxed. He is polite, cheerful and relaxed at the same time. Although he was recently described in an article in the Tages-Anzeiger as an “anarchopatron” who never avoids conflict, this description simply does not fit his personality.

The Obwaldner, on the other hand, is passionate when he talks about the state policy concerns he has set in motion. He is particularly interested in the idea of ​​the separation of powers, which he considers unbalanced in his native Switzerland.

His first words afterwards were: “This is not necessarily negative, but the court should be strictly separated from the political processes of the legislature and executive.”

The dispute is philosophical and political, and you are in the thick of it. Gasser feels completely at ease. In a heated discussion, issues such as the separation of powers, the nature of power itself, and ancient Greek elections are addressed. In a political science class you feel balanced.

The entrepreneur has long been interested in starting a justice initiative. He already had the idea for such a project in the 1980s. But only now can he put it into practice with the help of the ten other members of the initiative committee. Something like this has to be taken seriously. Gasser believes it takes time and money to do so. The entrepreneur is fed up with both.

In his eighth decade, Gasser takes things a little slower. He anticipates that starting the campaign and collecting the 100,000 signatures required will cost him around one million francs in personal expenses. Nor will he hesitate to deposit a little extra if the situation calls for it.

As far as motivation is concerned, Gasser is initially reserved, but his forgiving reticence soon turns into an almost missionary zeal. «We Swiss should give up the idea that we are the best in the world. That’s arrogant and self-centered.

There is no judicial separation of powers in this country. Although many people are proud of their country, it is not a perfect democracy. Nevertheless, Gasser would like to make it clear that he is not motivated by revenge on the judiciary and its members. He would be entitled to think so, given that the entrepreneur was both plaintiff and defendant in legal proceedings.

Adrian Gasser Net Worth

In 1994, after a warning strike in his spinning mill in Kollbrunn near Winterthur, Gasser dismissed the employees in a spectacular process that was followed by the media. The union that called the shots here didn’t sit on their hands. Gasser was in the news all over Switzerland for the wrong reasons. It was not until the Kollbrunn judgment five years later that the Federal Supreme Court recognized the right to strike.

As a result, Gasser amassed a considerable Net Worth and invested it all in a number of projects. He cannot give specific figures, but claims to be “the only person in Switzerland who has managed to incite everyone against him”. He either sees it as a great honor or he takes it self-critically and ironically.

Both Gasser’s research style and company philosophy were offensive. In the eyes of the media and trade unions, he was a thorn in the side of the controversial interests of patrons. At the age of 18, he began his professional career in the early 1960s at the Swiss auditing company. In 1963 he moved to Paris to work as an accountant, where he encountered a whole new culture. One that changed his view of his hometown. Here he met Jewish heirs of Holocaust survivors who knew of stolen gold hidden in Swiss bank vaults.

Adrian Gasser Net Worth: $1M – $5M (estimated)

This injustice drew Gasser’s attention to the ugly side of Swiss history. In the mid-1970s he returned to his home country and set up his own business in the textile and mechanical engineering sectors. the field of activity that he took over in 1991 as the owner of the Lorze Group based in Zug,

Despite his enthusiasm for the Swiss democracy debate, criticism of its inadequacies and outrage at the recent federal judge election, Gasser is always treated as a henchman. With regard to the “classe politique” mentioned, he does not pretend to be a rumbler. He has twice run for office as an independent and both times he has been rejected. In 1987 he wanted to join the Thurgau National Council, and in 1999 he wanted to join the Thurgau Council of States.

Adrian Gasser Net Worth
Adrian Gasser Net Worth