Alfons Schuhbeck Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €15 million
Age: 73
Born: 05/02/1949
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

The entrepreneur Alfons Schuhbeck was born Alfons Karg on May 2nd, 1949 in Traunstein, Upper Bavaria. He learned the trade of telecommunications engineer and toured the country with his band “Scala” in his free time. During a stay in Waging am See, he met the innkeeper Sebastian Schuhbeck, who encouraged him to do an apprenticeship as a cook. After passing the exam, he got a job in Schuhbeck’s restaurant and was later adopted by him. He attended the hotel management school in Bad Reichenhall. He then worked for well-known companies in Paris, Geneva, London and Munich

early life

Alfons Schuhbeck grew up close to his homeland in the mountains of Upper Bavaria. He was born here as Alfons Karg on May 2nd, 1949. It was rather poor conditions in which he grew up. In order to support the family financially, he accepted an apprenticeship as a telecommunications mechanic. This job didn’t suit him because he wanted to work with people, not machines. He was allowed to cook for the first time in the Bundeswehr, where he was assigned to the field kitchen. Then his musical streak made itself felt. At that time he played in the band “Scalas” and was often on the road with the members. A stay in Waging am See brought about the turning point. Here he met the innkeeper Sebastian Schuhbeck, who persuaded him to start an apprenticeship as a chef. After successful completion, Sebastian Schuhbeck took him to his inn. He adopted the young man and so Alfons Karg became the now famous Alfons Schuhbeck. After attending the hotel management school in Bad Reichenhall, he went on a journey. He completed his skills through employment in other European countries. Finally, he ended up in Munich, where he worked in such famous establishments as Feinkost Käfer, Dallmayr and Eckart Witzigmann’s “Aubergine”. In 1980 he inherited the Kurhaus Stüberl in Waging from his adoptive father. The little inn quickly became the talk of the town, as word of the new chef’s cooking skills got around. Celebrities from culture and many well-known politicians were among his guests. The name Alfons Schuhbeck was the guarantee for an exquisite kitchen and so he received the star in 1983.


Alfons Schuhbeck’s star rose in the truest sense of the word in the Kurhausstübl in Waging. In order to be able to present himself better, he moved to Munich’s Marienplatz. There he invested around 3 million in an old town house and opened the “Orlando” restaurant. He also owns the Südtiroler Stuben and the “Alfons – fine dining at Boettners”. In the 1990s he was prosecuted for tax evasion. The penalty is paid quickly and Schuhbeck starts flat out to rid his reputation of this blemish. To expand his company, an ice cream parlor, a tea and chocolate shop, as well as a party service and a bar are opened in Munich. Schuhbeck is always in the fast lane. He’s a good entrepreneur with a good nose for business. It’s not just shops and restaurants that account for his success. His cooking school has won awards and the more than 40 cookbooks he has published are box office hits. Spices are his greatest passion. He loves to experiment with it and constantly invent new creations. Of course, spice shops are also part of his property. Alfons Schuhbeck’s Net Worth is now around 15 million. His TV presence rounds off this multi-faceted career. There is a program called “Schuhbecks” on Bavarian television and he was seen in a kitchen battle with other top chefs on ZDF.

There is probably little time for a private life. He is unmarried but has 4 children that he takes care of.

Career highlights

His special cooking skills, which made the small restaurant in Waging famous after Schuhbeck’s takeover, earned him his first Michelin star in 1983. He was named Chef of the Year in 1989 by the Gault Millau gourmet guide. He also awarded him 17 points and 3 toques for his cooking skills. Schuhbeck received the Five Star Diamond Award in 2005. Schuhbeck’s exquisite party service takes care of the physical well-being at the Echo awards ceremony. FC Bayern Munich likes to be fed by him at the Champignons League games.

Famous quotes

One of Schuhbeck’s guiding principles is “spice up your life”. One of his favorite pastimes is to reinvent or discover many dishes using unusual spices. He is always on a journey of discovery and is looking for good growing areas for spices.

A recipe for the success of his restaurants and businesses is Schuhbeck’s quote: “Avoid lecturing guests, disrespecting employees, and following every trend talk.” He is busy with his company 18 hours a day. He cares about his employees and teams whose opinions are important to him. Always striving for his good name, the top chef Alfons Schuhbeck pays attention to the very good quality of his food. The well-being and satisfaction of his guests are his top priority.

Estimated value: €15 million