Almklausi Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €100,000
Age: 53
Born: 04/05/1969
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: singer/musician
Last updated: 2021


Almklausi goes by the real name of Klaus Meier and had a rocky road to the Olympus of party hits. As of 2020, the singer is now one of the most successful pop singers on the Ballermann.

early life

Almklausi also knows what it means to be at the bottom, because he wasn’t always so successful in his life. At the time of his middle-class existence as Klaus Meier, he did not know at times how to finance his car insurance and his own apartment. On some days, the singer even had to go to a nearby indoor pool to take a shower. During his early days as a DJ, Almklausi built up a second mainstay as a sales manager. However, he always stuck to his big dream of becoming a successful hit star and always pursued this goal.

When he moved into the celebrity Big Brother house, he told about the early loss of his parents. He was orphaned at the age of 15 when his mother and father both died of cancer. He related that he had to be an adult very early for this reason, since he had to take responsibility for himself from a young age.

He grew up in Mössingen, has the zodiac sign Aries and is married.


At the end of the 80s, Klaus Meier started working as a party DJ and had his first appearances as a DJ. About 12 years later in 2002 he released his first single entitled “Hey little Luder”. The song was sung to the melody of Hey Pippi Longstocking and was produced in Ballermann style. After that his recordings could be heard regularly on samplers like the Ballermann hits and his name quickly became a household name in this scene.

In 2007 he was able to place a song in the charts for the first time with a rewritten version of the hit “Ein Stern” originally by DJ Ötzi under the pseudonym “Schwaben König”. The song was released as a master song for VFB Stuttgart. Another football song for the European Football Championship followed the following year. This song also entered the German Top 100 at number 73. The chorus on this song is based on the popular riff from the White Stripes hit song Seven Nation Army.

Among other things, he recorded a song with Markus Becker. In 2019 he also took part in Celebrity Big Brother and placed fifth there.

Career highlights

With “Mama Laudaaa” everything changed for the pop singer.

For a long time of over twenty years, Almklausi struggled through the Ballermann and party music scene, so it took a long time until he made his breakthrough in 2018 with the title “Mama Laudaaa”.

With this title he finally sang his way to the top of the Ballermann charts. In addition, he also won the Ballermann Award in the “Hit” category in 2018. Since then, the success has been unbroken and party fans have been singing to the hit “Mama Laudaaa” at après-ski and summer festivals.

He celebrated several chart successes with various singles, the best-known titles being “A star… that stands over Stuttgart” in 2007, “Lo lo los geht’s!” 2008, “10 meters walk (with Markus Becker)” 2010 and “Mama Laudaaa” 2018.

Amazing Facts

But not only his career is important to Almklausi, because for the 50-year-old his family is a firm support and plays a decisive role in his life. He has been married to his wife Maritta since 2015, the couple has one child together (a boy) who was born in 2018, just at the time when he was celebrating one of his greatest successes with “Mama Laudaaa”. His wife Maritta is a model and looks after the children at home during his performances.

Compared to other “Ballermann stars”, Almklausi is only one of the moderately successful artists. It is estimated that he only earns around 800 – 1000 euros for a performance (depending on the location and event). Compared to his colleagues like Jürgen Drews or Micky Krause (approx. 9000 euros per performance) this seems relatively little. However, an apartment provided by the organizer is added to the salary.

Niki Lauda (former F1 driver) was initially not enthusiastic about the song “Mama Laudaaa” and is said to have thought about suing Almklausi. At a later date, Niki Lauda commented on the song and said “that he finds the song funny”.

Estimated value: €100,000