Amazon to okay Pakistani sellers soon

Amazon to okay Pakistani sellers soon

With access to Amazon as a selling platform, Pakistani entrepreneurs can increase sales several folds

Pakistan-based sellers will soon be able to sell their products on Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, as the retail giant allows registrations from Pakistan. The process will begin in the coming days after over a year of negotiations between the Ministry of Commerce and a number of other stakeholders.  

Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razzaq Dawood tweeted that it will be a big opportunity for small entrepreneurs and women as well. “We have finally made it. @amazon will be adding Pakistan to its Sellers’ List within a few days. We have been engaged with Amazon since last year and now it’s happening. It is a great opportunity for our youth, SMEs, and women entrepreneurs.”

This is an amazing opportunity for the youth, SMEs, and women entrepreneurs. In Amazon, sellers will need to identify feasible products, ensure they can secure inventory, and create a supply chain. Creating a good reputation for themselves is next on the way to success.  

The returns on investment are quite high for successful sellers. It is imperative that the quality is maintained in order to continue selling on the platform. Established businesses can also benefit from the opportunity as they already have the mechanism in place and will need lesser time to achieve the same level of success.

This is an important step towards achieving greater success in the e-Commerce policy. Some of the people named for their services in this regard by some media outlets include Aisha Moriani (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce), Omer Gajial (Ex Amazon Category Development Head for Amazon North America division), and Shoaib Sarwar (deputy Consul General, Consulate General Pakistan, Los Angeles) along with the team members of NECC (National Ecommerce Council) and Badar Khushnood from Pakistan Software Houses Association, among others.

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