Andre Rieu Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €25 million
Age: 72
Born: 10/01/1949
Country of origin: Netherlands
Source of Wealth: entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

André Rieu is one of the best-known and financially most successful entrepreneurs and orchestra conductors in the world. The trademark of the Dutch musician is the salon music, which Rieu performs with his private orchestra “Johann Strauss Orchestra” on the big stages and on television worldwide. The orchestra plays pieces from the classics, from operettas and musicals, which Rieu has arranged in a modern and pleasing way. It also reaches a wide audience all over the world through large, elaborate show effects, for example in classical costumes and pompous stage shows. Rieu is one of the 500 richest Dutch people.

early life

André Rieu was born in Maastricht on October 1, 1949. He grew up in a musical family. His father André Rieu sen. was chief of the Limburg Symphony Orchestra. The young André Rieu also played there, initially before his own career as a violinist. André Rieu had already received violin lessons at the age of five. Rieu received his further musical education at the Liège and Maastricht Conservatories, among others.


In 1978, André Rieu left classical orchestral music as a violinist and turned to salon music with the sounds of waltzes and newly arranged classical pieces. The musician celebrated his first successes with his orchestra, the “Het Maastrichts Salon Orkest. The orchestra quickly became very popular, especially in the Netherlands and neighboring Belgium, and word also got around in the nearby German border area. The musical focus on salon music was solidified by several recordings. André Rieu not only took over the direction of the orchestra, but also marketed himself as a figurehead for waltz music and classical arrangements of well-known works from pop and rock music.

The breakthrough for the salon orchestra came in the 1990s with numerous TV appearances in Germany. Above all, his appearances in the TV show “Musikantenstadl” with Karl Moik brought great success in this country. It was above all the piece “Second Waltz” by the Russian composer Shostakovich, with which Rieu had resounding success and catapulted the salon orchestra into the charts. Since then, André Rieu has been traveling the world with his “Johann Strauss Orchestra”, which consists of around 60 musicians, playing to sold-out audiences. The idea of ​​reaching a large audience with classical music through modern arrangements and inspiring enthusiasm for classical music worked for André Rieu. What is special about André Rieu’s musical performances with his large orchestra are the elaborate lighting effects, sophisticated sound engineering and the combination of classical music with hits and pop songs. His charisma as an entertainer, his enthusiasm for salon music and the professionalism of his performances turned the Dutch musician into a superstar of light muse.

Rieu presents himself as the face and advertising medium for his classical productions. This made the musician a superstar in the classical music industry, who fills even the largest concert halls. André Rieu now has over a hundred employees. For performances with his salon orchestra, he has his own set of equipment, a transport system, specialists for construction, lighting and sound engineers. Whether musical instruments or stage equipment: In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly on tour, everything is available in multiples. The scenery itself, such as Schönbrunn Palace, is also available three times. André Rieu, who lives with his family in a castle near Maastricht, also has his own recording studio.

Career highlights

As a violinist and orchestra leader, André Rieu has sold more than 40 million recordings to date. He has around 500 platinum awards and 100 gold awards with his orchestra. There are also around 30 number 1 hits in the charts. With his orchestra, Rieu gives around 100 concerts worldwide every year.

The king of three-four time regularly invites his audience to summer concerts in his hometown. Every year, tens of thousands of spectators listen to the sounds of the waltz at open-air performances on the Vrijthof. A big anniversary concert is planned for 2020 in Munich on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

Famous quotes

“Music brings people together!”
“I invite you all to experience a magical, unforgettable evening with us!”

Amazing Facts

André Rieu has always remained true to himself and his passion for salon music in highs and lows. Over the years, the Dutchman has earned a private Net Worth of around 25 million euros in this way. His recipe for success is based on the fact that he plays mostly well-known pieces from the classical period for his audience and thus meets with a great response. Of course, this is reflected in the income from concert tickets and DVDs etc. With around 700,000 tickets sold annually (2018), Rieu is a major earner in the music industry. Since the 1990s, he has managed to successfully occupy a niche of light classical music that inspires masses and audiences of all ages. Rieu staged his image as the “King of Waltz” from the start and has not changed to this day. Decades of success prove him right.

However, André Rieu’s path was not always steep. In 2009 he was almost insolvent due to huge investments in his stage equipment. Equipment and instruments served as a guarantee for the creditors. A year later, however, Rieu was debt-free again thanks to the high ticket income.

Estimated value: €25 million