Andrea Berg Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €28 million
Age: 56
Born: 01/28/1966
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Andrea Berg is one of the best-known and most successful German pop singers today.

early life

On January 28, 1966, Andrea Berg was born under the real name Andrea Zell in Krefeld. The now very successful, 1.68 meter tall German pop singer is a trained medical assistant and worked as a nurse in a hospital in the intensive care unit and oncology ward. Andrea Berg grew up in modest circumstances. Her father, who died in a car accident in 2011, was a firefighter. As a child, Andrea Berg was a multi-talent. She often appeared at festivals or carnivals and showed skits there. Later she played in a band and has shown again and again that she feels comfortable on stage.


Andrea Berg’s career began with a music cassette containing her recordings, which were presented to producer Eugen Römer. His enthusiasm was so great that just a week later the first recordings for their debut album “Du bist frei” were made. The second album “Feelings”, which was also produced by Eugen Römer, brought the breakthrough. The cooperation between Andrea Berg and the producer Eugen Römer produced many successful albums and single releases and lasted 17 years.

The albums and singles that Andrea Berg released after her breakthrough always achieved good positions in the charts and hit parades. Many of their most successful hits come from the time when Eugen Römer was producing their albums. “Andrea Berg” is also registered as a word mark in the German trademark register.

Career highlights

The “Best of” album released in October sold two million copies. During this time, Andrea Berg had up to four releases that were on the hit lists at the same time. She also won the ECHO, a German music prize, several times in the category “German-language Schlager” and received the Golden Tuning Fork.

Another huge success was the album “Schwerelos”, which was released in 2010 and was produced by Dieter Bohlen. The following album “Abenteuer” also reached number 1 in the charts. Andrea Berg celebrated her 20th stage anniversary with an anniversary concert tour in early 2012. This tour was also a complete success. Other successful albums, some also produced by Dieter Bohlen, followed. Dieter Bohlen announced in 2018 that he no longer wanted to produce any more albums with Andrea Berg. He had already announced this in 2013, but the cooperation continued, very successfully.

Famous quotes

In an interview, Andrea Berg once said that whoever believes millions in the account is more important than love is a poor person. With her quotes she proves that she is a woman who has both feet on the ground. Here are some quotes from Andrea Berg:

– “No one stands still, and nothing is as constant as change.”
– “The message is: We have to accept life as it is.”

success tips

Sometimes it’s not the tips on how to have a great career that get you further in life. With many words that she gave in interviews, Andrea Berg gave tips on how to be successful and happy in life. She says that you shouldn’t always take everything seriously and that you should distance yourself from yourself. Otherwise you end up going in circles and not getting anywhere. And you have to accept life as it is. She went on to say that the great lessons and the catastrophes take you further in life and make you wiser, more humorous and richer in experience. These are success tips for a more successful and happier life. And according to Andrea Berg’s saying that love is more important than millions in the bank, that is exactly what success means: being happy in life.

Estimated value: €28 million