Andy Borg Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €25 million
Age: 61
Born: 11/02/1960
Country of origin: Austria
Source of Wealth: Singer, TV presenter
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Adolf Andreas Meyer, as Andy Borg’s real name is, is an Austrian pop singer. He had his breakthrough in the pop world in 1982 with the hit ‘Adios Amor’, which sold 14 million copies. He has since released 33 music albums and 79 singles. Among them are well-known songs like ‘The famous three words’, ‘Arrivederci Claire’, ‘Once the wind will turn’ and ‘I don’t want to know your name’. Andy Borg received several gold and platinum awards, such as the Golden Tuning Fork or the Golden Lion. Andy Borg has lived with his second wife Birgit in Passau, Germany, since 1999. His two children Yasmin and Patrick are from his first marriage to Sabine.

early life

Andy Borg was born Adolf Andreas Meyer on November 2nd, 1960 in Vienna, Austria. His parents Ingeborg and Adolf Meyer did not believe in their son’s music career. For this reason, Andy Borg trained as a car mechanic in Amstetten in Lower Austria after completing secondary school. However, music remained his passion and Andy Borg sang at smaller festivals in the area. In 1980 he was rejected by the ORF in the casting show “The Great Chance”. But just a year later he was spotted in the same talent show by Kurt Feltz. Andy Borg wasn’t successful on the talent show hosted by Peter Rapp, but Kurt Feltz saw him. The German music producer recognized the talent of the Austrian and immediately signed him. Andy Borg’s hit career began.


After Andy Borg was discovered in 1981 by Kurt Feltz, a successful German songwriter and music producer, on the ORF talent show “Die Große Chance”, his hit breakthrough came in 1982 with the song ‘Adios Amor’. In the decades that followed, 30 albums with countless songs followed, including many hits such as ‘Arrivederci Claire’, ‘The Famous Three Words’ and ‘Come on the Sunbeam’. ‘Adios Amor’ has sold 14 million copies to date and ‘Komm setz’ die auf Sonnenstrahl’ came in third at the Grand Prix of Folk Music. Countless awards followed. Andy Borg received the Golden Tuning Fork and the Golden Lion RTL in 1983. This was followed by ten gold records, three platinum records and one diamond record.

Andy Borg is not only known and successful as a pop singer, but also as a moderator. From 1996 to 2006 he moderated the pop parade of folk music. This was first broadcast on Südwest-Fernsehen, later on Erste. Andy Borg moderated the Musikantenstadl from 2006 to 2015. He presented the live broadcast 56 times. It was a great career success to succeed Karl Moik. At the turn of the year, Andy Borg also moderated the Silvesterstadl. Andy Borg has been moderating the music show ‘Schlager-Spass’ on SWR since December 2018.

Famous quotes

“Hits don’t fall from the sky and you have to work hard to win the favor of your audience every day”.

“The quota is not solely my merit. Whether people are watching depends on many other factors.”

“Thank God people have always taken me for who I am.”

Amazing Facts

Unfortunately, Kurt Feltz, the discoverer and music producer of Andy Borg, did not live to see the musical breakthrough. Andy Borg was in the ZDF hit parade for the first time on August 2nd, 1982. He sang his first hit ‘Adios Amor’. Exactly on this day Kurt Feltz died in the sea during his Mallorca vacation.

Kurt Feltz is also the inventor of the stage name Andy Borg. He felt that the real name, Adolf Andreas Meyer, was not good for a career. He suggested making a name reference to the five-time Wimbledon champion Björn Borg. At the beginning of each interview you had a topic to talk about.

In 1981, when Andy Borg was discovered, the hit entertainment show ‘Musikantenstadl’ went on the air for the first time. 25 years later she would take over Andy Borg as presenter and present live for 9 years.
Andy Borg has been in business for decades, but at 1.60 m he is rather small for a Central European.

Estimated value: €25 million