Angela Merkel Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €3.5 million
Age: 67
Born: 07/17/1954
Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Source of Wealth: politician
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Angela Dorothea Merkel has been Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany since November 22, 2005 and also held the office of CDU federal chairwoman from 2000 to 2018. The following article sheds a more detailed light on the First Woman in State.

early life

Shortly after her birth, Merkel, then still called Angela Kasner, moved with her parents to Uckermark, part of the GDR, because her father had accepted a pastorate there. In the local Templin she grew up with her two younger siblings. At school, Kasner impressed with her above-average performance, especially in Russian and in science subjects. In 1973, Kasner passed his Abitur with an average grade of 1.0 and won the Russian Olympics at state level. While studying physics in Leipzig, she met her first husband, Ulrich Merkel, whose name she kept after their divorce in 1982. During her work at the Academy of Sciences in Berlin, Merkel received her doctorate in the field of analytical chemistry (final grade: very good). Here she met the chemist Joachim Sauer in 1984, with whom she is still married today.


In the course of reunification, new democratic structures were formed in the GDR. From December 1989, Merkel was involved in the newly founded Democratic Awakening (DA). Merkel’s now legendary statement that she wanted nothing to do with the CDU also dates from this period. However, while the DA was initially on the left politically, it joined the “Alliance for Germany” in the first Volkskammer elections in February 1990, in which the Eastern CDU was the strongest force and won the election. Merkel then held the office of deputy government spokeswoman in the first and last freely elected government of the GDR.

In the course of reunification, the DA merged with the CDU. In the first all-German Bundestag elections in December 1990, Angela Merkel ran as a direct candidate in the Stralsund-Rügen constituency and won by a clear margin. She has been a member of the German Bundestag since December 20, 1990. Surprisingly, Chancellor Helmut Kohl also nominated her as Minister for the newly established Ministry for Women and Youth. This was followed by positions as deputy CDU federal chairman (1991) and CDU state chairman for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (1993).

Angela Merkel held the office of Federal Environment Minister from 1994 to 1998. In the course of the deselection of the CDU as the governing party and the associated internal restructuring, Merkel became Secretary General of the CDU in 1998. In this function, she also experienced the complications surrounding the CDU donation affair and, after Wolfgang Schäuble’s resignation, took over the office of federal chairwoman of her party in 2000. She was to hold this office until 2018, largely parallel to the chancellorship.

The first years of her party leadership were marked by the lost federal election with chancellor candidate Edmund Stoiber and by her role as parliamentary group leader and opposition leader in the Schröder government. After the SPD called early federal elections in 2005 due to poor election results at state level, Angela Merkel was elected Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany on November 22, 2005 after the election victory of the CDU/CSU. She is not only the first woman and the youngest person in this position, but also the first person from the former GDR and the first natural scientist to hold this position. Angela Merkel has been in this office for 14 years and over four legislative periods. In October 2018, however, she announced that she would not run again in the 2021 federal election.

Career highlights

– Deputy government spokeswoman for the GDR – April 1990
– Members of the German Bundestag – December 1990
– Federal Minister for Women and Youth – January 1991
– deputy federal chairperson of the CDU – December 1991
– CDU state chairwoman for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania – June 1993
– Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety – October 1994
– CDU General Secretary – November 1998
– Federal CDU Chairperson – April 2000
– Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany – since 2005

Famous quotes

– “The people are everyone who lives in this country.” – Speech on candidacy as CDU top candidate, February 26, 2017
– “We make it.” – Angela Merkel on August 31, 2015 at the press conference with reference to the refugee crisis in Europe since 2015.
– “You can’t beat your head against the wall. In the end, the wall always wins.” – Angela Merkel 2007 in the context of the collective bargaining conflict between the train driver company GDL and the railways.

Amazing Facts

– Angela Merkel actually wanted to be a figure skater. Unfortunately, she was classified as unsportsmanlike during an “early screening” that was common in the GDR.
– An orchid species was named after Angela Merkel: Dendrobium Angela Merkel.
– The typical “Merkel diamond” came from the question “Where to put your hands?” out. According to Merkel’s own statement, she also reveals her love of symmetry.
– On the night the Wall fell, Angela Merkel was in Berlin. But instead of going to the Wall, she went to the sauna and went to bed early. She finally had to go to work the next day. However, there was a beer to celebrate the day.
– When asked what Angela Merkel wanted, Helmut Kohl once answered with just one word: “power”.

Estimated value: €3.5 million