Angelina Jolie net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €90.5 million
Age: 46
Born: 06/04/1975
Country of origin: Los Angeles, United States
Source of Wealth: actress
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

She’s actually dirty blonde, can fly small private planes, and keeps a pet lizard named Vladimir. She owns an extensive collection of knives, has nearly 20 tattoos, and reportedly has an electric chair in her dining room. Angelina Jolie is out of the ordinary in every way.

But she also has a big heart for the needs of other people, does her film stunts herself and doesn’t need a PR manager because she knows how to market herself without help. And she’s one of the most successful actresses Hollywood has ever seen.

early life

Angelina Jolie Voight was born in Los Angeles in 1975. Her father is the actor Jon Voight, her mother, Marcheline, is also an actress. Jolie’s childhood and youth are marked by conflicts. The father cheats on the mother with other women, which eventually culminates in the parents’ divorce and hurts Angelina a lot. She kept her distance from her father for a long time. It will be decades before the two get closer again.

In addition to high school, she attended the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in Los Angeles, where she learned acting and got smaller engagements. Sometimes she can also be seen in music videos by well-known artists.

She plays her first major role in 1993 in the film Cyborg 2. Jolie embodies a robot. Your acting skills are still in their infancy, but the foundation has been laid. Numerous other films, romances, comedies, thrillers and a western follow. Jolie is credited with having a certain “screen presence.”

In 1998 his career gradually started to roll. Angelina Jolie receives a Golden Globe for her biographical portrayal of Gia Carangi, a 1960s lesbian supermodel whose life is marked by sex and drugs and ultimately ends in death from AIDS. Jolie has been called the “most beautiful wreck ever filmed”. She now lives in New York, studying film and learning how to write screenplays. In 1999, she finally made her breakthrough with the film “Schnellschlagt”. She plays a psychiatric patient. She received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for this performance.

In the year 2000 she embodies the video game character Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider” and becomes an international superstar. The film brings in a good 250 million euros. Various projects followed, including the sequel to Tomb Raider and the drama Beyond All Borders. In the latter, Jolie plays an activist who does charitable work for the United Nations. Parallels to real life can be seen, because Jolie is also beginning to get involved in good causes in her private life.

In 2004, she starred alongside Brad Pitt in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. The film grossed over 430 million euros. Jolie falls in love with Pitt (she’s had two failed marriages). During the 12-year relationship, the couple adopted several orphans from developing countries, but also had three children of their own. The photos of the newborns are sold to the tabloid press for over 18 million euros. The money will be donated to good causes.

In 2007, Jolie’s mother died of cancer. Doctors use a genetic test to determine that Angelina has a massively increased risk of also developing cancer. As a result, Angelina Jolie had both breasts and ovaries removed between 2013 and 2015 as a precaution. A courageous step that prompts many women to undergo a genetic test as well. She is admired and praised for Jolie’s open approach to the subject.

And she’s getting more and more successful. Most of the films she will make in the coming years will bring her an income of around 9 million euros each. She received her first Oscar nomination for a leading role in 2008 for the film “The Stranger Son”, in which she appeared alongside Clint Eastwood. Recently she has also been producing films herself, directing and writing screenplays.

The films “Salt” and “The Tourist” followed in 2010, in each of which she embodied an agent. In 2012, Jolie directed the box-office hit Maleficent, a modern day adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. The film grossed more than 680 million euros worldwide and became her most successful work.

Also in 2014 she married Brad Pitt on the Cote d’Azur. Two years later, the two divorced again. Jolie has to move out of the house with her children, Brad Pitt keeps everything. Because Jolie has almost all of her wealth in real estate and mutual funds, she has to borrow money from Pitt to fund her new home. Since Pitt shows little interest in continuing to financially support the numerous children (which is not compulsory in California), Jolie raises and cares for the offspring herself.

In 2019 the second part of “Maleficent.” The film isn’t quite as successful as its predecessor, but at least Jolie seems to have found a new love in the form of a real estate agent. More films are planned.


Angelina Jolie has been voted the highest earning actress, most influential person and most beautiful woman in the world by the press several times over the years. She made most of her income from acting and working as a producer and director. She also made large sums – the equivalent of over 20 million euros – with advertising for the fashion labels St. John, Louis Vuitton and Shiseido.

Famous quotes

Angelina Jolie is downright philosophical and thoughtful when it comes to her view of life and dealing with one another: “Without pain there would be no suffering, without suffering we would not learn from our mistakes. Pain and suffering are the key to everything. Without her, life would have no meaning.” She also says: “The only way to get anything out of life is to throw yourself into it with all your might. If you don’t break out of your little world, you’ll never understand how big the world actually is.”

Amazing Facts

Angelina Jolie is more committed to humanitarian causes than almost anyone else in show business. From 2001 she visited various refugee camps in the most dangerous regions of the world: Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Thailand, Ecuador, Kenya, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Costa Rica and Iraq. She spoke to presidents and senators and called for more support for the crisis regions. She wrote a book about her travels and experiences. She has been honored with multiple titles from the UN and even the Queen. These honors may mean more to her than the awards she’s earned through acting.

Estimated value: €90.5 million