Angelo Kelly net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €4 million
Age: 40
Born: 12/23/1981
Country of origin: Spain
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Angelo Gabriele Kelly rose to fame as the youngest member of the Irish-American music group The Kelly Family in the 1990s. With over 20 million records sold and numerous awards from the German and international music and media industry, the Kelly Family is one of the most commercially successful bands in Europe.

early life

Angelo Kelly was born on December 23, 1981 in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona, ​​the youngest of twelve siblings. Four of his siblings are half-siblings, seven are from his father Daniel Jerome Kelly’s second marriage to his mother Barbara-Ann Kelly. While pregnant with Angelo, Barbara Kelly was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. She decided against chemotherapy in order not to harm her unborn child and died eleven months after Angelo was born. The alcoholic father was left alone with twelve children, the family lived in poor conditions. Even as a small boy, Angelo Kelly traveled with his siblings and his father as a street musician through Europe and the USA. The Kelly Family’s unique selling points were their alternative looks—long hair and homemade dresses—and their original homes, which included a houseboat and a double-decker bus. At the street concerts, Angelo played percussion instruments and guitar. Later he focused mainly on the drums and took lessons from international musicians. He wrote his first song, which appeared on the album Keep On Singing (1989), at the age of seven.


Although the Kelly Family made it to number 1 in the Belgian and Dutch charts in 1980 with the song “Who’ll Come with Me”, their final breakthrough came in 1994. The album “Over the Hump” sold over 4 in Europe .5 million times. The singing extended family was particularly successful in Germany: 2.5 million copies of the album were sold here alone, and the single “An Angel” was in the German charts for over a year. The Christmas album “Christmas for All”, also released in 1994, topped the German hit lists for years during the Christmas season. As The Kelly Family grew in popularity, young girls’ crushes on brothers Angelo and Paddy Kelly reached hysterical proportions. The euphoria went so far that the group could no longer give street concerts for security reasons, but moved their performances to halls and even stadiums. In 1995, the Kelly Family was the first band to fill the Dortmund Westfalenhalle nine times in a row – a record to this day.

After the death of their father in 2002, the siblings increasingly went their own way, started solo projects and devoted themselves to their own families. Angelo Kelly released a DVD of drum solos with jazz drummer Bill Cobham in 2004 and started his own label. He took on a guest lectureship as a drum teacher and in 2006 released his first solo album entitled “I’m ready”. After further albums and single releases, Angelo Kelly decided in 2010 to pay homage to his childhood by traveling through Europe with his wife and their five children in an old mobile home. In 2013 the family emigrated to Ireland. Today Angelo Kelly is a successful solo artist and owns several houses in different European countries. The singer’s Net Worth is estimated at several million euros.

Career highlights

A not insignificant part of the success of the Kelly Family is certainly due to the angelic appearance of their youngest member, Angelo Kelly. Angelo composed and interpreted the song “I can’t help myself”, which made it to number 1 on the hit lists in eight European countries in 1996. It is the band’s most successful track to date.

Another highlight of Angelo Kelly’s career was the Kelly Family’s first stadium tour in the same year, where they played in front of over 40,000 people every evening in the largest stadiums in Europe.

Famous quotes

Angelo Kelly speaks in interviews about the squandered Net Worth of the Kelly Family, for example to Gala magazine: “I was of legal age when the millions were already gone. I never saw the money.” The star admitted to the news portal “It’s this classic rock’n’roll story: a lot of money in but also a lot of money out.” Today he is grateful that, despite his early fame, he learned to support his own family through hard work.

Amazing Facts

When the Kelly Family was still living on their houseboat in Cologne, fourteen-year-old Angelo was supposed to be forced by the police to attend secondary school. As a result, hundreds of school-age girls began to gather in front of the domicile on the Rhine every day to show solidarity with Angelo Kelly.

In 2008, Angelo Kelly took part in a competition on the stern TV show. He had to get from his birthplace of Pamplona to Cologne as quickly as possible, without using his own financial means and without flying. Angelo managed to earn the necessary money for transport and accommodation as a street musician and arrived in Cologne after five days.

Estimated value: €4 million